Medical Marijuana Doctors Help Patients Live Better Lives

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It interacts with many medications

Many patients are interested in medical marijuana, which is gaining ground among the medical community. While many doctors are dismissive of the drug’s benefits, the FDA has approved it, and nearly half of the states have passed laws legalizing its use. Some doctors have been so dismissive of marijuana use that they’ve had trouble catching up with patients. And some patients have already started using it, but don’t know how to talk to their doctors about it.

As a result, it is essential for patients to speak openly with their physicians before beginning to use cannabis. For example, patients with a history of heart problems should tell their doctors that cannabis can lower plasma concentrations of certain medications, including a blood thinner. Patients with comorbid seizure disorders should disclose their use of cannabis to their physicians. Further, health care providers should discuss medical marijuana with their patients in an objective way, and emphasize that it’s not a replacement for standard medications.

It impairs executive function

While marijuana is not a psychoactive drug, it can impair executive function. This deficit is most apparent in planning, concept formation, and decision-making. Chronic heavy users of the drug show the most significant and persistent deficits in these areas. These impairments are most noticeable in young people, but there are no studies on how cannabis affects the cognitive function of older individuals.

This study is a preliminary result, and more research is needed to confirm the results. The researchers gathered data from a variety of medical marijuana products to examine their impact on brain function. They also analyzed the effects of cannabinoids in combination.

It can lower blood thinners

Medical marijuana is growing in popularity as a treatment for heart and circulation problems. The plant’s ability to lower blood thinner levels is one of the reasons it has gained widespread support among physicians and patients alike. About three million people in the United States rely on blood thinners. However, marijuana has been proposed as a possible replacement.

Medical marijuana affects the body’s response to other blood-thinning drugs. As such, many patients who take conventional blood-thinning drugs must get a doctor’s approval before switching to marijuana. It may also alter the response of blood pressure medications. However, there is currently no clear evidence on how medical marijuana affects blood-thinning medications.


Many patients turn to medical marijuana doctors in order to treat their medical conditions. However, this trend has not yet been fully integrated into mainstream health care. A recent systematic review found that healthcare professionals are only modestly supportive of the use of medical cannabis in clinical practice. Some also expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with this drug. The authors of the study concluded that further research is needed to better understand how doctors are helping patients.

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