Men’s Jackets: Three Picks for Chic

Jackets are probably the most dynamic fashion purchase a man can make. It’s close to a luxury watch or a pair of British-made shoes. Still, there’s the unusual addition of a new outer layer, just made of plastic, to help you get through the colder months in style. All in all, the range of products is vibrant. This means it’s worth choosing a jacket that will keep you warm, look fabulous and keep your coldness down for longer. Either way, there are a small number of stylish top designs that can tick every one of these boxes, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of them as a sort of hanger-on. How to get there. The basic styles no grown man can do without. With that in mind, here are three cool jackets that every chic man should have.

Biker jacket.

This is a classic problem: to manage to steal a biker jacket look. You have to have greasy hair and a cigarette constantly dangling in your mouth. However, almost anyone can pull it off if they arm themselves with confidence.

The biker jacket became a symbol of men’s fashion after Marlon Brando wore a Schott Perfecto in the original 1953 film “The Savage.” After making his big-screen debut, he became an image of style and masculinity. Today, wearing a black leather jacket and sons of anarchy vest doesn’t necessarily mean dressing like the fifth man from the Ramones band, at least.

Bomber Jacket.

Anyone with even a slight interest in menswear knows that menswear styles have long followed the military-style. However, the Lakers Championship Jacket is not a particular case of this rule. The European Air Force first used this style in the 1950s and 1960s. It was all the result of innovations in aviation that allowed planes to fly higher while making the environment in the cockpit cooler. In addition, the shorter length and lack of a collar allowed for a more comfortable parachute fit. At the same time, the orange lapels were designed to attract attention from the start of the competition.

Today, bomber jackets are worn more for their luxurious appearance than for their practicality. This outfit was popular with various youth subcultures in the 70s and 80s. Still, today it should be paired with mens stretch skinny jeans, a water shirt jumper, and modest trainers for optimal effect.

Harrington jacket.

The Harrington jacket is a made social icon with a rich British heritage, making it a must-have for every man of the revolution. This simple workwear configuration, worn by 1950s stars such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, immediately became a novelty in men’s fashion.

It all started with Manchester group Baracuta, who initially designed the Harrington jacket, an allusion to the 1930s. It was lightweight, waterproof, had a narrow length and a high turtleneck. The brand soon began shipping its coats to the United States, and the style became popular when Elvis Presley wore one in the 1954 film King Creole. The first jacket was the Baracuta G9, a style that still holds today. Harrington later made a name for himself in subcultures such as MODS and skinheads, which he often joined in wearing Ben Sherman or Fred Perry t-shirts.

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