Metallography, Metal Testing, And How It Can Save Your Business Money In The Long Run

Metallography looks at the microstructure of materials and seeks to clarify if the material in question has been processed in the right way and if it is built of reliable components. Investing in critical analysis of materials can ensure if a product is reliable and for when or why a product may fail.

Three main steps in the preparation of a metallographic item are polishing, grinding, and etching an item. This can show the true nature of a material.

Metallographic test methods

Metallography is also a non-destructive way to test the quality and condition of a metal item. There are many ways that metallography can be carried out, with the most common way being on-site in the workplace.

There are multiple metallurgical test methods that exist on the market. There are even companies that can visit a site to do a full test procedure for you.

These metallurgical test services that can be done on-site look at:

  • Hardness of metals and testing for hardness
  • Analysis for degradation
  • Measurements to find the Degree Of Sensitization (DoS)
  • Microscopic examinations
  • Analysis for chemical microstructure evaluation
  • Inspection of coatings
  • Measuring ferrite content in steel and weld metals
  • Analysis for damages
  • Interpretating photo micrographs
  • Material identification
  • Chemical analysis of material

Metallographic testing and analysis can also help with many things including:

  • Monitoring the condition of a material in real-time.
  • Prolonging the use and life of machinery.
  • Detecting any current or possible future damage.
  • Help you to choose the best possible materials for your project.


Some basic ways that metallography can help to improve the shelf life and productivity of your equipment is by testing the levels of cleanliness, testing for corrosion, analysing fractures, and investigating failures.

Investing in metallographic equipment or services can save your business time and give a greater return on investment.

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