Microcement: Why is it Rather Material Your Home Needs

Changing your home’s floor can be one of the most stressful things you can do in your life; the piles of rubble that never seem to end, finding a new place to live while your house gets stuck in a rut, double-checking the plans so you don’t miss any hidden installations when you raise the floor, the paperwork for permits, and the cost!

And all of this is just scratching the surface of what microcement can do for your home floor.

This continuous coating has many advantages over other options in floor reform of any space. It can be applied directly to the existing surface, meaning no rubble, no works, and no heavy machinery. 

In addition, the durability of the flooring microcement is high, and its broad colour palette means that it can be used in a variety of decorative designs. There’s no application that can resist microcement floors. 

Benefits of microcement

There are many reasons why more homes are choosing to install microcement in their renovation projects. These include ease of application, affordability and finishes that are worthy of a bespoke interior designer.

You will not have to use machines to remove debris from your flooring and the minimum height of your microcement will allow it to be applied without compromising the overall feel of the space.

Resistant and long lasting

Due to its resistance and durability, microcement is an ideal choice for floor coverings and other walkable areas. The high mechanical resistance of microcement means that it will resist scratches and abrasion on floors, as well as knocks, etc. Depending on the type of sealing products used, microcement flooring may even be waterproof and non-slip.

What’s better than a cover that can withstand the wear and tear of a home’s daily routine, without having to “tiptoe” around it to prevent damage? 

It ensures continuity

Microcement flooring completely removes joints in the surface of your flooring. This creates a continuous coating that creates a sense of space.

Since there are no joints in the flooring, it will be easy to maintain. Microcement flooring does not cause dirt to build up in the joints.

A renovation that makes your home cleaner and easier to maintain. 

It sticks to all kinds of floors

Whether you have marble flooring, terrazzo flooring, tile flooring, plasterboard flooring, or any other type of flooring, microcement is perfect for you. Microcement flooring adheres to almost any surface, so you can install it without any issues on marble floors, terrazzo floors, tile floors, plasterboard floors, and so on. You can even install it for underfloor heating, since it doesn’t affect conductivity.  

It can withstand all types of structural loading 

There are some materials that are heavy enough that they can affect the structural load of your house when installed. However, this isn’t the case for microcement.

Microcement flooring thickness is around 2-3 mm. This thickness combined with the low weight due to the composition of microcement doesn’t affect the structural load.

You don’t even need to sand your doors when installing microcement on your home’s floor.

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