Most Important Topics for Class 6th English Exam

English is a very important language and it is very necessary to create and establish a good grip from the primary classes so that it will be much easier for them to cope with the syllabus in the higher classes. English is the subject which plays a major role in the development of student’s personalities and their communication skills. Class 6 English prepares the students to improve their skills with basic concepts. The syllabus of class 6 focuses on communication and the basic knowledge of the language. The students have to be familiar with every basic conception in the chapter to have a good command of the language. Class 6 English gives the students a meticulous foundation and has to be given utmost importance for the preparation. 

The class 6th HoneySuckle has 10 Chapters in prose and 9 poems

The chapters of Prose are

  1. Who Did Patrick’s Homework
  2. How The Dog Found Himself a New Master
  3. Taro’s Reward
  4. An Indian American Indian In Space.
  5. A Different Kind Of School
  6. Who Am I
  7. Fair Play
  8. A Game Of Chance
  9. Desert Animals
  10. The Banyan Tree

The poems are

  1. A house A Home
  2. The Kite
  3. The Quarrel
  4. Beauty
  5. Where Do All The Teachers Go?
  6. The Wonderful Words.
  7. Vocation
  8. Whatif.

Every chapter is very important for the students to learn and understand. This will help them to have an exact perception of the topics and their meaning. Reading loudly helps the students to learn better. Similarly, the poem’s stanza and the rhythm has to be read to get the grip.

Vedantu Honeysuckle has all the solutions chapter wise and also the summary of each topic is covered in a very systematic way. Students referring to this will be able to score very well in their exams. There are some important questions in the NCERT solutions from each chapter. Students can follow those questions and practise them for the betterment of the exams.

Students can download honeysuckle book class 6 pdf solutions and can practise the question and answers to have the correct version of writing the answers and the formation of sentences. Class 6 English is the main foundation for the language. Students should thoroughly focus on the chapters and the poems and understand the different words and the meaning of the sentences. By doing this they will have the knowledge and understanding and get an idea of how exactly to answer the questions in a relevant way.

Students will be benefited by referring to the NCERT solutions for their class 6 English preparation.

The Benefits of NCERT solutions are

  • NCERT Class 6 solutions is a real guide for students. The question and the answers given are as per the exercises and also important questions are given at the end of each chapter. The solutions given are very easy to understand and the words and sentences used are simple and can be easily memorized.
  • NCERT solutions follow the CBSE guidelines and are prepared by teachers who are experts and have knowledge in depth.
  • Proper preparation from NCERT solutions will help the students to develop their self-confidence and be able to answer the questions in the exams without any fear.
  • The previous year’s question papers are given in the NCERT with step by step answers. Students can practice and can get an idea of the pattern to be followed in writing the answers.
  • Practising writing is a very important part of the language. This will make them confident of answering any questions without any difficulties.

Important Topics

All the chapters and the poem are very important. Each chapter has its importance. They have to be practised by reading the chapters and understanding what the chapter conveys the message or the concept. Once the concept is cleared one can answer the question easily. Students should develop the habit of reading and writing the answers, framing the sentences on their own. This  will help them in future grades especially while writing long answers.

Parents Role

Class 6 English are at a tender age where they might not be so studious and their concentration level will not be high. Parents should be involved in the studies.

Tips for parents  

  1. Time table-Let parents sit with the child and make a study plan with them covering the chapters but make sure not to burden with many chapters in a day.
  2. Study Area- Make a study area for your child where it’s comfortable and no disturbance occurs. Make sure to switch off your mobile phones when you are with your child during studies. This will be a great distraction for your child.
  3. Reading and writing-Make the sessions for reading and writing separately so the proper time is given for both..Sit with them and listen while they read. Make them read the chapter at least twice.
  4. Dictation of words and sentences-Give them dictation of words and sentences every day. This will be a practice for them to learn the spelling and get the familiarity of the sentences to be used.
  5. Writing the answers-Make them write answers in their sentences even if it’s wrong, let them make the effort. You can compare the answers with NCERT solutions and help them to rectify the mistakes.
  6. Reviewing the chapters-While starting a new session make your child review the previous read chapter.
  7. Taking Breaks- Don’t make them study for a long duration. Make them study in small sessions giving them breaks in between. This will keep their mind fresh and will be able to concentrate.
  8. Doing their favourite things-Let them do the things that they like during their break time. Prepare some healthy snacks for them which will make them happy.
  9. Lenient during the study-Don’t be strict during the study sessions, be lenient so they are happy to study and not irritated or frustrated.
  10. Solving the sample papers- Let the children try to answer the sample question paper once they have completed the syllabus. Parents can keep the track of the time so they can pick up their speed in writing. This will help them to know the pattern of the question paper.

The tips are very simple but following them in a regular way will give the best results.


All the topics are very important and have to be studied with full concentration. Practise as much as possible in writing the answers. This will make you improve your writing skills and also the speed of writing. Parent role is very important. Sit with your child during their studies and help them in their reading and writing. This will make them concentrate more and be focused. Don’t be strict with children but be with them and help them. Give them free time when required.

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