Most Popular Gaming and Gambling Myths Debunked

As gaming and gambling industries continue to rise in popularity, many myths and misconceptions tend to follow them. From some of the most obviously incorrect assumptions to some of the most difficult-to-prove rumors, there are a lot of interesting myths floating around gaming and gambling.

Some of these simply came to be as a result of poorly informed people making assumptions about things they don’t – to be quite honest – know plenty about or understand completely. Others originated as a result of unhappy gamers and gamblers trying to discourage others solely based on their bad experience. But whichever the case, the fact is that such myths exist and we’re here to debunk them. So, with that in mind, let’s clear some of the most common misconceptions regarding the world of online gaming and gambling.

Gambling myth #1 – gambling is illegal

It is quite surprising that there are still people that think that gambling is something that’s not regulated by law and should be frowned upon. Contrary to this somewhat popular belief both online and land-based gambling is heavily regulated. Precisely due to the fact that this industry wasn’t always operating within the lines of the law in the past, the gambling industry nowadays has some of the strongest and most clear-cut laws in place. Not only that, but gambling laws are also some of the most practiced and executed ones. So, no, it is absolutely not true that any form of gambling in a casino is illegal. However, it is also important to mention that the laws regarding gambling may vary depending on the country you live in, so it’s always wise to check your local laws beforehand.

Gaming myth #1 – all online gamers are kids

One of the most popular misconceptions when it comes to gamers is that they’re mostly kids with little to no disposable income. Since there are some games on the market that do require serious devotion people initially assume that kids and teenagers are the only ones with enough free time to enjoy them. While it is true that kids and teenagers make a huge chunk of the gaming community, it is absolutely incorrect to state that they’re the only ones. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but more than 60% of online gamers are actually people aged 25 and up. Also, the third of the entire online gaming community are players over the age of 45. So, assuming that kids are the only ones enjoying games is absolutely false.

Gambling myth #2 – all casino games are rigged

Another popular gambling myth states that all casino games are rigged in one way or the other to work in the favor of the casino. This is absolutely not true, as something like this would be entirely against the law. Such gambling myths can not only be potentially harmful for the industry but they also may discourage any interested parties from trying out casino games. So, it’s important to debunk such myths not only to stay better educated but also to prevent causing – intentional or unintentional – damage to anyone.

Gaming myth #2 – all online gamers are male

Another popular myth that can sometimes get somewhat frustrating is that all gamers are male. Actually, almost over 55% of gamers are female. What’s more, female players are actually more likely to make in-game purchases than male players, especially if they promise some type of a cosmetic upgrade. What this means is that any gaming company that fosters in-game purchases should really focus their marketing efforts on female gamers more, if they want to boost their chances of success. And no, “girl” – at least in this case – doesn’t usually mean “guy in real life”.

Gambling myth #3 – online gambling isn’t safe

Arguing that online gaming is not safe is the same as arguing that online shopping isn’t safe. While it is true that sometimes online gamblers may come across a not-entirely-transparent casino, the same can happen in land-based casinos as well. So, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to claim that one is less safe than the other.

Gaming myth #3 – real gamers prefer a certain platform

Finally, the thing most gamers are tired of hearing is that “real” gamers are the ones who prefer PC/console/mobile games. The fact of the matter is that if you like playing games – either online or offline; on your PC or your console; on your mobile or even Facebook – you are a real gamer. The need to make this divide and try and put a certain type of gamers over the others is honestly petty and outdated. So, instead of spreading hate, maybe consider giving some other types of games a try. Who knows, you may end up really liking them in the end.

As you can see, these were some of the most popular gaming and gambling myths we’ve successfully debunked with just some quick research and a touch of common sense. Of course, there are many other misconceptions regarding both of these industries floating around, but they are a topic for another time.

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