Mother of God, I Love the Weighted Blankets

It sounds cheesy and I know it. But it is more powerful than me. It may be wrong to love things, as you’re supposed to love only beings, but some things deserve to be loved and a weighted blanket for kids is one that should have a special place in the category. If you haven’t heard about this product yet, just let me fill you in. It is simple and amazing at the same time. Simple because it answers a basic need we all have, to be held, hugged and feel safe. Nothing wrong with it so far, isn’t it? Amazing because it is just a blanket, weighting hard on a body, that just by doing so improves both the quality and the quantity of sleep one gets. It is especially useful with kids, toddlers to teenagers, as they need more sleep and tend to have this on the sensitive subjects list.

I was recommended one when I was pregnant by a friend of mine living abroad. She said it made all the difference for her little ones. She had blankets in a variety of colours, they took them all over the place on their trips, they had some in all the houses where the kids sometimes spent the night, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

She did not want to hear about me simply ordering a random one online. She said I needed to have a premium quality weighted blanket with removable cover from the Hazli collection, so we got ours as a present from her. It was grey (I did not know the sex of the baby back then) and did not seem so special when looking at it, as you were not able to see all the layers.  She was convinced the composition did all the difference – 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. This was the guarantee for its 100% efficiency, as the triple layer ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for a perfect weight distribution.

The baby came and my sleep went J And then it was time to try the blanket. It worked like a charm, from day one. I began telling people about it like a nut job, probably with pupils dilated, face glowing and a weird smile. But this was what I felt. I was in love. And the love story still lasts, years after. It doesn’t matter that the blanket is not that first one anymore, as the kid grew and we had to buy a second one, to suit the increasing body weight. The thing is that we love the concept and especially the Hazli products. Its effect doesn’t diminish with time, like in other love stories. It is always relaxing and pampering, just like you remember it or just like you’ve imagined it to be.

I thank my friend every time I see it. I thank her even more when hearing stories about kids and parents who have trouble sleeping. I thank her every night when I simply tuck my boy in and he falls asleep right away, no fuss, no stress, until morning. We need this kind of solution for other problems parents with children have. Maybe they will discover or invent something to make meal time more relaxed, as this is the other main issue we all share, don’t we? Until then, at least you have the sleeping part settled

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