New Cash Game GetX Crash is Gaining Popularity

Crash games are attracting more and more players. They give instant payouts, have simple mechanics and are suitable for everyone: the high roller, the casual player, the casino customer with a modest budget.

GetX Crash is one of the most popular games in this category. This is a new slot, but gamblers have long been familiar with such machines and warmly received it. The popularity of the game can be explained. How – let’s look at the following.

What is GetX Crash?

GetX is a gambling platform. They have released their “in-house” game called Crash. In it, players have to watch a rocket fly.
It is a game built on “crash” type mechanics. It involves the player’s bet increasing gradually until the rocket explodes. The player needs to pick up the money before that happens, and in doing so, try to catch a large odds.

The timing of the “crash” is determined by a random number generator. At the beginning of the round, it drops a number with a programmed outcome. The results are always random, there is no pattern and neither the player, nor the casino itself can influence it.

How are the payouts in the game?

In GetX Crash, the player sets the bet from 1 p. to 50,000 p. The coefficient at the beginning of the game is x1. From the first second of the flight it begins to increase and the bet increases.

It is possible to set manual and automatic modes. In the first case, the player manually selects the bet amount before the round and decides when to take the money, independently. In the second, a fixed bet is applied to each round, and the funds are automatically collected when the coefficient reaches a certain level (this is set by the player himself when setting up an autoplay).

Once the bet is taken, the money is credited to the customer’s game account. Rounds here are not long, you can pick up the bet after just a few seconds. Therefore, GetX Crash is a game with instant payouts.

Chances of winning in GetX Crash

In the information about the slot, the developer indicated that the RTP of this slot is 99.7%. This is a very high figure, but it is approximate. The success of each round determines the random number generator. But for a reason this game is so popular. It produces really good odds, and this increases the chances of winning.

This is confirmed by the history of rounds. It is collected at the top of the slot, just above the playing field. You can see at what odds the last 10 games ended. Here you can see that the odds in GetX Crash rarely fall below x1.5. Playing at low stakes, you can gradually increase your bankroll, and losses in some rounds will fully pay off.

Thus, everyone can play this crash game, thanks to features such as:

  • a wide range of bets;
  • you can take your money away at any time;
  • most odds are above 1.5.

As practice and history shows, about 30-40% of all rounds end up with odds between x2 and x3. Of course, since this is a gamble built on chance, there are rounds where the rocket explodes immediately or reaches only a small height. To reduce the losses associated with this, it is recommended to use the tiphacks.

Great Tips for Winning Crash Games

Crash games are special because they are very fast. Therefore, you can evaluate the effectiveness of any strategy over a short distance. This is one of the reasons why GetX Crash is so popular.

None of the schemes will help you get a win in every round, but it is possible to increase your chances in this way.

Players often use the Martingale strategy. Its meaning is that after each loss you need to increase the bet. The most popular option – doubling. Then, after some time, the gain recoups all previous losses. But because the odds in the crash games are not fixed, the strategy does not show itself as a stable. In addition, for such actions in some online casinos can block, because the strategy is prohibited by the rules.

A more effective approach:

  1. use responsible gambling features (define spending and profit limits);
  2. do not take risks, unless you are a high roller with a large bankroll;
  3. take bets on the minimum multipliers: the income is small, but more stable.

In the game, all rounds start automatically. The player can not take part in them, but just observe in order to analyze what odds GetX Crash gives out, what bets other players make and when they take away the money. To the left of the main field is a list of people who participate in the round in real time. It clearly shows what style of play different participants are choosing.

Is it worth playing GetX Crash?

Since this is not the only game in this category, the question arises – should you play GetX Crash for real money, or still choose another option?
To answer it, you need to understand the pros and cons of this slot compared to similar ones, such as Aviator, JetX and others.


  • Interesting design;
  • Unique themes (instead of the plane here is a shuttle);
  • User-friendly interface, clear controls.


  • No demo mode;
  • No way to make a second bet.

Nevertheless, the game is worthy of attention. It will appeal to those who like a higher risk. After all, here you can’t make a second insurance bet and use it for strategies and there is no opportunity to practice for free.

The slot is good because the process is dynamic. The game is active, in constant tension – this is a feature of all crash slots. You can apply any style of game: to take a bet immediately after the start of the round, wait for the average odds or take a risk, waiting for a large odds. In GetX Crash you can play for a long time – the slot is addictive and fascinating.

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