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Interest in online gambling skyrocketed post-March of 2020, as government-issued lockdowns introduced many games of chance enthusiasts to the possibility of playing from home. Such an occurrence also gave rise to non GamStop casinos or foreign gaming platforms that accept UK players. These casinos notched a drastic surge in popularity due to restrictive measures recently implemented by the UKGC that aim to lower the harms associated with gambling over the internet.

These new provisions have made the gaming experience less enjoyable for many players who have turned to seek gaming entertainment with operators that exist outside of Britain’s borders, or sites not on GamStop, the UKGC’s mandatory self-exclusion scheme. Below, a detailed explanation follows concerning how casinos without UK license operate and compare to UKGC-licensed sites or casinos that tie into the GamStop network.

The Collaboration Between UKGC & GamStop Explained

The UK’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) is a non-departmental government body that oversees all gambling activity in Britain, except for spread betting, which the Financial Conduct Authority monitors. The Department for Culture, Media, and Sport sponsors the UKGC, and since 2013, this body began regulating the National Lottery as the National Lottery Commission entered its fold.

The UKGC has a renowned reputation as one of the most stringent online gambling regulators in Europe. It requires all of its licensed operators to demand players supply documentation that proves their identity on sign-up. It also implements wagering restrictions, spin timers, and non-reversible self-exclusion bans, limitations that are not as prevalent at reputable casinos not on GamStop.

GamStop is the self-exclusion program that the UKGC implements. Since March of 2020, every UKGC operator must participate in this nationwide scheme, which is a tool that hopes to curb problem gambling in the country. Once a player chooses to activate a self-exclusion at one UK operator for one of the three provided periods, he cannot cancel this ban until his self-exclusion deadline passes. The player must wait out his specified self-exclusion period and then contact GamStop support. Doing so will enable him/her to start betting at UK sites again.

How Reputable Casinos Not on GamStop Operate

Non GamStop casinos have a base of operations in a foreign country with a government-appointed online gaming regulator. Thus, they live outside the GamStop network. An example of such a country is Curacao, whose government has issued four master licenses to organizations that have the power to give out sub-licenses to gaming operators. Curacao eGaming is a Curacao-based international regulator that has been active since 1996, and it follows many of the same security and player protection standards as the UKGC. However, its licensees can accept players from all corners of the world.

The best non GamStop casinos differ from UK platforms by featuring easier registration, fewer gameplay restrictions, diverse payment methods on offer, and a more robust bonus offering.

All that said, it is crucial to know that people who have a compulsion towards wagering on sports and games of chance do not look at non GamStop casinos as a way to bypass an activated GamStop self-exclusion ban. These sites should only be a gaming home to individuals who have no impulse control issues. That refers to players who can budget wisely and know when to shut off their browser and call it a day.

Are Non UK Casinos Legal?

Per UK law, only UKGC-licensed operators can provide internet gaming services to UK residents. However, there is no history of authorities ever prosecuting anyone for playing at non UK casinos. Most view their selection of offshore sites as a personal preference. Thus, such platforms openly advertise their services through multiple channels to persons in Britain.

Therefore, all legal liability rests with those providing such services to UK residents. Not the UK players that take advantage of them. Though, it is worth noting again that no one should see these platforms as a way to circumvent the GamStop self-exclusion network and continue feeding his/her gambling addiction. If anyone is facing an impulse control problem regarding online gambling, he/she should instantly contact GamCare or another similar organization. You can learn more about casinos not on Gamestop at

Should You Test Sites Not on GamStop?

Whether or not a player chooses one of the best non GamStop casinos over a UKGC site is entirely up to them.  Those unsure about depositing funds and playing at such platforms can sign-up and browse them for free. They are also likely to have the option to demo-play all the games available and look through their deposit and withdrawal options. After doing so, they can make an educated decision if a non GamStop casino aligns with their needs as an online gambling maven.

To make matters simpler for those on the fence, here is a list of the few positives and negatives of playing at these platforms.

Advantages of Playing at Sites Not on GamStop

The main pros of playing at no UK casinos are:

  • Access to unique payment methods.
  • Fewer gameplay limitations.
  • Creative bonuses.
  • Intricate loyalty schemes.
  • Auto-play is an option.
  • Products from top providers that are unavailable in the UK market.

Disadvantages of Playing at Sites Not on GamStop

The cons associated with using offshore gaming sites are:

  • GBP is not always a currency option.
  • Limited access to third-party mediators.
  • Disputes get regulated per foreign laws.
  • Real money action is available despite an ongoing GamStop ban.
  • International regulators do not have as strict operator vetting procedures.

GamStop Casinos vs. Non GamStop Sites

Before 2020 rolled around, outside of offered payment options, there used to be few essential differences between these two types of gaming platforms. Now, UKGC’s new provisions and its recent partnership with the GamStop program changed all that and made non GamStop casinos more appealing to an ever-growing horde of UK players. That is particularly true for frequent gamblers and high-rollers because these sites usually incorporate perk-rich loyalty schemes and high max bet limits.

While it is accurate that international overseeing bodies do not offer the strict oversight that the UKGC does, they still do a decent job of protecting player rights. However, it is undeniable that they lack the same level of diligent support in dispute resolution that the UKGC provides.

Final Bit of Advice

Players who have a history of spending more than their allotted budget on playing games of chance over the internet should stay away from old and new non GamStop casinos. These sites have platform-specific self-exclusion schemes and let players set deposit/loss limits. So, they do their best to promote responsible gambling. Nonetheless, since different regulators oversee different sites, there is no possibility of total self-exclusion from all non GamStop casinos.

Thus, it is best that only casual and experienced players who can practice impulse control stick to such gaming options. Players that fall into this category can test out non GamStop casinos today for free to see if swift gameplay and niche payment methods are something that they fancy when gambling online.

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