Noninvasive Techniques for Pain Relief

Pain affects our lives in different ways, including decreased productivity, and low moods, leading to poor life quality. Finding a solution to your pain condition can be life-changing. There are various methods to enhance pain relief, including surgical and non-surgical techniques, depending on the extent of your pain. However, noninvasive or nonsurgical treatments might be better to start your treatment. Arlington medical pain relief offers alternative pain treatments to alleviate pain and restore your health. This article will highlight some of the available noninvasive pain treatments.

What is medical pain relief?

Medical pain relief is a treatment method for chronic pain without using surgery or invasive procedures. The Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas team use this approach to treat various chronic pain conditions, including musculoskeletal problems. They offer personalized treatment plans to target your specific issues. Medical pain relief involves the following.

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections relieve pain and inflammation in the musculoskeletal system. Trigger points are inflamed and knotted parts in your muscles where the tissue that covers your muscles is too tight. Usually, you can feel the knots in your muscles. Your provider identifies and marks the areas with the muscle knots. Then injects the pain medicine through the skin to the trigger point. They pull out the needle and push it in again several times until the muscle relaxes. Your provider then removes the needle, stretches the muscle area, and applies pressure for a few minutes. They place a bandage over the injection site to prevent bleeding. Trigger point injections enhance immediate pain relief. You may need to use an ice pack or pain medications if the pain starts again following the procedure.

MLS laser therapy

Laser therapy involves using light energy to promote healing and reduce pain. It improves circulation, boosts tissue repair, stimulates trigger points, and minimizes scarring. MLS laser therapy uses a multi-wave to minimize pain and inflammation, and enhance soft tissue repair. It is effective, painless, and has no side effects. The treatment gives excellent results for various pain conditions.

Nutrition counseling

What you eat affects your health in one way or another. Eating the right foods and diets can make all the difference in your life. Your provider may recommend more nutritious foods in your diet to better your health. You may also have nutritional IV infusions to improve your micronutrient levels.


It involves hands-on manipulations on your body to enhance natural body healing ability. Your provider uses chiropractic techniques to realign your joints and promote pain relief. Chiropractic usually focuses on the spine but can also involve other parts of your body, depending on your specific problem. It may include stretching exercises, but it usually involves hands-on manipulations. It provides immediate pain relief, improves posture, and relaxes muscles. The results are long-lasting.

Alternative treatments are usually better compared to surgery and medications. Usually, they have no side effects and provide safe and lasting results. The team at Neuropathy uses medical pain relief or non-invasive options to treat various pain conditions. The treatments enhance quick recovery. Contact Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas today to schedule your consultation and understand how medical pain relief works.

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