10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Not long until it’s mother’s day again. It seems to come along quick right? You’re probably scrambling to think of something perfect for your Mum to reward and thank her for all the hard work she puts in. Not to worry, come check out these 10 great gift ideas to give you some inspiration on what to buy, from personalised presents to make the gift feel more intimate to others that are just great gifts for the perfect mum.

Personalised jewellery

Nothing speaks to Mothers more than some personalised jewellery. It could be something as simple as the initials of yours and your Mother’s first names on a necklace to an engraved pendant. There are a vast array of options out there on the Internet that allows for any kind of engravings; if she’s a dog mum, perhaps you could have the engraving of her favourite furry friend. Getting a paw print without being noticed may be the only tricky part.

Picture frame with a photo of you and your mum

Spend some time searching for a really beautiful Photo Frame and insert a picture of you both in it. This will quickly become your mother’s favourite memento, not only is it a beautiful picture of you both, but it’s something you got for her – double special.

Personalised Locket

Some more personalised jewellery it would seem, but this one should have a special place. A personalised locket with a picture of you and the greatest Mum in the world would mean so much to her. This gift will be sure to bring tears of happiness and she can always feel like she’s close to you, with a picture of you around her neck.

Collection of spices

If your mum loves to cook up a storm, a great gift would be a selection of spices! Try to pick a collection that includes a lot of the classic spices, such as paprika, cinnamon and curry, so she can use them often. Think of including a few interesting ones too, maybe juniper berries, nutmeg, rosemary, or even a little saffron if you’re feeling especially fancy.

Order Delicious Food

Give your mother the heartfelt gift she deserves by figuring out what she would prefer, down to the flavor preferences. Giving your mother a means to express her love with food can be tough. If your mother enjoys delicious food, you should order a delightful present of Tommy Sugo products from Tommysugo, which would make a wonderful special gift for her that she will surely like. She will enjoy eating their delicious meals because of the various tastes she enjoys. It has a variety of flavors that make for a nutritious and healthful supper. Tommy Sugo’s Super Tasty Meals are nutritious and more affordable than going to the supermarket since they use only the freshest ingredients. Your mother will receive the greatest recipes for delicious and simple-to-prepare meals sent straight to their doorstep.

Take your mum out to brunch

If your Mum is like any other Mum, then surely she would love to go out to her favourite Cafe. This is one of the easier gift ideas but is by no means a bad one. If you take her out, it will be a lovely gesture that will make your Mum feel loved and grateful for you. You can always give her a little present, such as the locket at the cafe too!

DIY collage

Surprise your mum with a lovely collage of all those that matter most to her. This option wouldn’t be too expensive, you could either buy a collage from your local art shop or make it yourself from some coloured cardboard and paper. Keep those precious moments together in a collection for all to see. A lovely collage like this will have a certain place in her home and be on display the instant she receives it.

Drinking glass mason jars with a lovely bouquet

Glass mason jars seem to be all the rage at the moment, and maybe your mum hasn’t joined the trend yet. Get her into it by getting her some! Be sure to include a bouquet of her favourite flowers, even if they’re directly from her beautiful garden, add them to the bouquet anyway. Every Mum loves flowers, and every mum wants trendy new drinking glasses

Beach umbrella

Is your Mother a bit of a beachgoer? You definitely need to get her a great quality umbrella to replace that old one that’s falling apart at the seams. Sunday Supply Co has high-quality umbrellas, with some beautiful prints on them and the Black Sands Umbrella would be a great option.


If she does like going to the beach, for a great time to relax, then you should also get her a beach blanket. Ariel by Sunday Supply Co. is made from quality lightweight cotton designed for the outdoors. An afternoon spent laying on the beach, with a book will only be all that much better with a comfortable beach umbrella.

Impromptu picnic on the beach with your Mum

Who wouldn’t love a day at the beach? Your Mum certainly wouldn’t if you were there with her. Bring your blanket and umbrella, and a selection of finger foods to have with your mum for a special afternoon. This would be a great time to take some pictures with your mum and include them in that collage as well!

No matter what you choose for your mum this Mother’s day 2022, we know you will spoil her like she deserves. Happy Mother’s day to all!

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