Open CS:GO Cases: Which to Choose?

A case, in other words, is a virtual container that contains various restricted items. To open CS:GO cases, you need a special key, which can be purchased at a special site from other users. What are the best CS:GO cases, let’s look at this article.

The main nuances when opening CS:GO cases

There are a large number of different cases in the CS:GO game. Some of them are tied to certain actions, others arose along with skins. Despite the wide selection to open CS:GO cases, they all contain an equal set of products and all kinds of items inside.

It is almost impossible to open a case profitably. In rare cases, you can run into luck and find a rare item. It costs $2.50 to open the box. In order to always stay with the money, it is recommended to constantly get original and significant skins at the time of opening the cases.

The coolest cases worth opening in CS:GO

To be more likely to find a treasured and interesting artifact, you should pay attention to the following virtual boxes:

  • Operation Broken Fang Case. The attractive case at a low price, its cost is only 50 cents. There are a lot of popular skins inside it. If you manage to win, then, in the end, you can get a valuable prize and, in addition, new cool gloves will fall.
  • CS20 Case. Also a good case, worth a penny. It contains many memorable skins from the past and it is here that you can get a rare and significant item – a classic knife, which in appearance is very similar to the product from the previous collection.
  • Fraction Case. A rather saturated box, inside of which there are a large number of interesting products. This is about 50 knives and 20 bright skins. In general, the case will cost 20 cents, one skin is $2.5. The knives in the box are rare and valuable, there are real artifacts, and finding them is incredible luck. The rest of the skins are not so significant, but quite interesting to discover.
  • Glove Case. In this chest, you can get cool gloves. Previously, the case was more affordable to open, but recently its cost has increased slightly. But this is not an obstacle in order to opening it and finding amazing skins. Compared to other boxes, this one is the best.
  • Horizon Case. This is the perfect case for users who don’t have the main goal of finding an artifact but simply want to open boxes and pull out original skins to play with. The price for it is quite small, does not exceed 10 cents.

Choosing the best cases to open in CS:GO

You want to open CS:GO cases, but don’t know where to start. Now we will explain to you what’s what.

So, what cases are better to open in CS:GO in order to knock out the most expensive weapon for yourself? The answer is none. Checked – the chances of dropping a good weapon are about the same as winning the lottery. Proof of this is hundreds of CS:GO videos that can be found on YouTube.

Just don’t focus on where dudes get dragon lore or something like that. As you know, YouTubers are constantly donated, so they can afford to open hundreds of cases a week. What about you?

So what to do? Buy yourself the weapon you want and don’t worry. You do not need these cases, roulettes, etc. All of them work on the same principle – you open a case, and you get consumer goods. If you really don’t have it at all, then try better contracts (although there are few chances there, but there are more).

Who does not know, the contract is the crafting of more expensive weapons from cheap ones? If in cases your chance is about 0.1%, then here the success rate is approaching 20-30%. That’s better. But there is always a chance to get a drop of a unique weapon. And the process and the adrenalin are priceless.

In addition to the listed cases in CS:GO, attention should also be paid to other equally attractive virtual chests where you can find a real rarity and sell it for several thousand dollars.

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