Our Favorite Postcard Stamps

Postcard stamps are one of the best ways to commemorate a trip to a favorite place. The beautiful designs are sure to make recipients smile. Postcard stamps are available in a variety of themes, from seaside to tropical. If you’re in the mood for a postcard with a tropical setting, consider a stamp featuring a coral reef. The stamps are issued in coil rolls of 100 stamps and are inscribed “POSTCARD” with the appropriate rate.

Coral Reefs

A new set of coral postcard stamps will be released by the U.S. Postal Service on March 29. The stamps feature different types of coral and associated reef fish. The Elkhorn coral, for example, is the scenic backdrop for French angelfish and spotted moray eels. Neon gobies and Coney groupers are intertwined in a pillar coral, which is also an excellent postcard stamp.

Coral Reefs are the world’s most diverse ecosystem, sheltering a quarter of all marine species. They are also one of the most beautiful sights to see when you snorkel in tropical waters. The art on the stamps was created by Tyler Lang. The new stamps are available at many post offices. On the front, a black pictorial first-day cancel depicts the phrase “Coral Reefs,” while a silhouette of a sea plant grows out between them.

Coral reefs are also known as “living fortresses” and are made up of different species of coral. These structures are extremely important in maintaining the health and diversity of the ocean.

Foreman Stamps

Foreman Stamps have long been one of our favorite postcard stamps. Originally, this type of postcard was known as a “Mail Card” or “Souvenir Card.” It was used until July 1898, when the pioneer era of American postcard stamps came to an end. The stamps were printed by a Bethesda stamp designer, Ethel Kessler.

Global Forever(r) Stamp

The Global Forever(r) Stamp is a new international stamp that makes sending mail easy and affordable. It is like the first-class letter Forever Stamp, but designed specifically for international delivery. It features a round border and the words “Global Forever” on its front. It does not change in value, but the price will vary by year. The 2016 stamp, for example, features a picture of the Moon.

Global Forever(r) stamps are issued by the United States Postal Service. Unlike the standard postage stamp, these stamps never expire, so you can save money on postage for years to come. For the same price as a First-Class stamp, you can send up to one ounce of postcards or letters to anyone in the world with a Global Forever(r) Stamp.

The new Global Forever stamp is a colorful stamp that can be used to mail an ounce-weight letter to almost any country. The stamps are issued in pans of ten and have the postage value of a machine able letter.

Wedding-themed stamps

Postcard stamps are an excellent way to commemorate your wedding day. There are many different designs available from the USPS, including wedding-themed stamps related to specific states and wedding locations. You can also find stamps with your own personal information on them. These types of stamps are great for thank you notes, wedding invitations, and save the date cards.

The 2020 forever stamp features a hydrangea, succulent, and orchid bloom. These stamps can be purchased at a local post office. If you want to make the most of your budget, purchase stamps with a lifetime value. These stamps never expire and will maintain their value even if postage rates increase. You can even use them for first-class mail! To find out more about the various designs, visit the USPS website.


Choose wedding invitation stamps that complement the invitation theme. Wedding invitations tend to be heavier than most letters. For this reason, you may want to use 70C/ stamps. You may also want to consider using multiple inserts or thick cardstock. Make sure to weigh your invitations carefully before mailing.

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