Pachinko and Pachislot is the King of Entertainment, Both Now and in the Past

Although the population participating in the game has increased slightly compared to the previous year, it has decreased to about one-third of the peak in 1998 (about 28.42 million people). By game, the pachinko participation population was about 8.94 million (about 9.12 million in the previous year), and the pachislot participation population was about 7.18 million (6.85 million in the previous year). The participation rate by age group has been around 10% for all age groups since 2013, and the number of participants has remained at around 10 million since 2013.

In the long run, pachinko has a large decrease in the playing population, while pachislot スロ 板 ラッシュ has certainly decreased compared to around 2000, but the rate has been small, and in recent years it has been on a slight increase (2018). Survey → about 6.18 million people, 19 years → about 6.86 million people, 20 years → about 7.18 million people).

Regarding the factors behind the slight increase in the number of pachislot players, the company said that Daito Giken’s No. 6 machines “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero,” which was released in March 2019, led to youth games and that the old rule machine was dismissed. It was analyzed that it is possible that the number of layers increased.

What is the pachinko industry?

The size of the entire leisure market in Japan is 71.9 trillion yen. The size of the pachinko / pachislot スロ板 market is 20.7 trillion yen (total ball rental fee). Even today, with the diversification of leisure activities and the diversification of hobbies, the pachinko / pachislot market is a huge industry that accounts for about 30% of all leisure time. In addition, the market size of game machines (sales of new machines) is about 672.4 billion yen, and it can be said that the market surrounding game machines is large compared to the domestic home video game market of about 436.8 billion yen. And even now, an entertainment market is being formed in which 9.5 million men and women of all ages participate.

Famitsu surveys the domestic home video game market. The market size of gaming machines is quoted from Yano Research Institute’s “2019 Edition Pachinko-related Manufacturer Trends and Market Share.”  Other figures are quoted from the Japan Productivity Center “Leisure White Paper 2019”.

Pachinko and pachislot contribute to the creation and development of new content:

Not only did famous manga and anime become pachinko / pachislot, but pachinko / pachislot スロ板 can be the starting point of the popularity explosion.

For example, “Evangelion,” which prevailed as a TV anime in 1995, was pachinko in 2004, and the topic boiled again. It gave birth to a new Eva fan and triggered the production of a new movie version. In addition, the original characters of pachinko and pachislot have been animated and gained great popularity. Because pachinko and pachislot greatly influence entertainment in general, new content can be created and developed.

Pachinko halls have the highest level of infectious disease control:

In places where people gather, three crowds are likely to occur, and the risk of infection increases. Based on this recognition, various leisure industries belonging to the leisure market, such as restaurants, sports facilities, live houses, and event venues, must take thorough measures against infectious diseases.

However, while many industries have difficulty responding, pachinko halls have been implementing “high-frequency ventilation,” “partition installation for each game table,” “frequent disinfection and cleaning,” etc. from the beginning, and infectious disease countermeasures are implemented in all industries. It is at the highest level. The pachinko industry is constantly building an environment where people can play with peace of mind.

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