Path of Exile – Best Methods to Make PoE Currency

There are some easy methods of getting currency in the popular ARPG.

PoE currency in Path of Exile is a huge aspect of the game. Having plenty of it is going to help you get much further as well. So we’re going to be taking a look at what the best ways are for you to start earning some currency in the ARPG.

Selling Path of Exile Items

We will kick things off with arguably the very best way of you making PoE currency. Selling your PoE items is a great method for you to use. The reason for this is that the game has so many different PoE builds and combinations of gear for players to use. This means that more PoE items are going to be in high demand from other players.

If you are going to sell Path of Exile items, then firstly you are going to need a Premium Stash Tab. You can purchase this over at the PoE shop, where you can also upgrade to it if you have a tab already. Once you’ve done so, you can then choose the selling price of your PoE items and you’re set. If you want to get a better idea of prices, be sure to check out resources like PoE Trade for a better insight.

Cards and Gems

If you want a simple way of making PoE currency, then you should check out divination cards too. The prices can be found using online resources and you’ll need to find the best location for you to farm them. Meanwhile, you can try levelling gems as well. These will require you to put a lot of time in, but they can then be sold on for a good profit. You should try and focus mainly on awakened gems, since these are the most valuable that you can find. A lot of Exalted Orbs can be made with this method for sure.

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Using Vendor Recipes

This is something that often trips players up. If you sell an item to a vendor, then you aren’t likely to get a very good price to go with it. So what we can do instead is start using vendor recipes. Recipes such as having six socketed Path of Exile items for seven jeweler’s orbs is good to have. Chaos Orb recipe of full rare sets will also net you some decent profits.

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Speed and Strength

This might not seem as obvious as the others, but you need these character traits if you are going to be successful. First of all, being fast is going to be extremely important, so make sure that you are increasing your movement speed at every opportunity. This means that you will be able to grab more PoE items for yourself, and you will generally be able to survive better as well.

As for your Path of Exile build, you need to have a character that is strong. Once you have decided what class you are going to be using, you will then want to build up your character to be as tough as you can. There’s plenty of places online such as PoE Ninja where you can check out numerous PoE builds to see which one will work best for you.

Expedition Farming

We see a new challenge revealed to players every three months in Path of Exile. Each area will offer up a brand-new challenge for you to take on. For completing these rewards, you will receive not only decent items, but PoE currency as well. If Path of Exile items of high value are something that is appealing to you, then be sure to work your way through the Expedition Logbook. This is considered to be one of the best places for you to start farming currency.

Having awareness of the impact that PoE currency has is enough to inspire players to start farming it. Thankfully, because of the major role that it plays in the game, we often see many different methods for us to use so that we can garner currency in the way that suits us best. Another useful trait is the sheer amount of gear and builds that are in Path of Exile. Thanks to this, you are always going to have items that you find to be in demand from somebody. Once you have gotten your head around the likes of PoE Trade and what to price your PoE items at, you will see the currency rolling in within no time at all. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the market and what is selling, as this will have an impact on the amount that you get.

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