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Designs for every style!

In Style Patios have the widest range of Gold Coast patios, pergolas and carports available on the market.

The versatility and climate control with an Stratco Outback Sunroof Louvre Patio is unmatched by any other design. Customising your environment and taking advantage of the warm Winter sun and protecting you from the extreme summer elements is all at your fingertips. The Sunroof really does come into its own, taking full advantage of the Queensland climate to get the best use of your Outdoor space. Our sunroof patios can be integrated into any external structure including bulkheads, existing framework, timber, and steel.

The BIG benefits of a sunroof patio are they:

  • Can be customised to fit any space.
  • Give you the control for air flow to the area.
  • Get you ultimate versatility.
  • Cover up to 3.9 metres due to their well-engineered, super solid blades.

The flat patio designs are the most common and affordable systems from the entry level Sanctuary Patio up to the Outback Range, versatile and unmatched Cooldek. We can also design flat roof patios from Timber with both treated and hardwoods being available for construction.

What are the advantages of a flat roof patio?

  • They are usually less expensive for installation.
  • These designs can last around 30 years in tiptop condition if quality design and installation is executed.
  • They’re ideal to have solar panels installed on or even a rooftop garden.
  • Flat roofs are safer to have in high wind areas.

In Style Patios are the best Gold Coast patio builders, without a doubt. The combination of skills with our team, ensures our customers get only the very best service, design, materials and installation.

Call us today on 0436 007 776 for a FREE quote. Don’t have the money now, or want to upgrade to something bigger? Take advantage of our interest FREE* options and promotions.

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