Picking a Mechanical Keyboard for Your PC

When you’re considering buying a mechanical keyboard for your PC, there are many factors you should take into consideration. You want a durable, long-lasting product that can keep up with the demands of your computer’s performance. The best mechanical keyboards are made with quality materials and have well-designed layouts. This article will explain how to pick a keyboard that will fit your budget and work well with your computer’s performance.

Clicky switches

If you are a heavy typist, a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches is for you. Clicky switches offer tactile feedback to let you know when to release a key. They are also fun to use. However, they can be distracting to other people around you. That’s why it is important to test your keyboard to ensure you get the best switch.

If you’re a fan of typing, you’re likely to have heard about the buzzword, “clicky.” The term refers to a mechanical key switch that uses a tiny bar inserted into the keyboard’s housing to deliver a satisfying bump when you press it. This is a good way to relax your fingers and improve your typing experience.

Some of the most popular clicky switches are the Cherry MX Blue and White. These switches have a nice tactile feel and a crisp clicking sound.

MX-compatible switches

If you’re looking for a keyboard with Cherry MX-compatible switches, then Dustsilver is a great choice. These keyboards offer a number of benefits, including ease of use, comfortable typing, and hot-swappability.

These keyboards are available in several designs and colors. Depending on the type of switch you want, they’re either PCB mounted, or plate mount. The PCB-mounted switches provide additional stability and are compatible with most MX style switches. Plate-mount switches are usually compatible with MX-style switches as well.

Cherry MX switches were developed in Germany and are considered the gold standard of PC keyboard switches. They come in a variety of colors and textures, and are known for their precise audio and pressure feedback.

These switches can be purchased separately, or you can get them as a part of a pre-built mechanical keyboard. Pre-built keyboards generally limit your options, and often have a single brand of switches.

Alps switches

If you’re thinking of buying a mechanical keyboard, the DUSTSILVER mechanical keyboard is the one for you. It has Alps switches. This type of switch is designed to provide you with the best typing experience possible. Aside from the keyboard itself, the switches are the most important part of a good keyboard. The right ones can make or break your productivity.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of switches. Each one plays a different role in your typing experience. Some are more suitable for particular tasks than others. For example, a tactile leaf spring is more suitable for providing tactile feedback, while a linear slider is more suited to a more light touch typing style.

The most important thing to understand is that not all keyboards have the same switches. Even if a keyboard comes with Alps switches, it may not be the best choice for your needs.

Hybrid Type-S

The HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S is a compact 60% keyboard with a unique HHKB layout. Unlike the typical ANSI layout, the HHKB design has three main deviations.

The HHKB’s compact form factor and near-symmetrical layout makes for a comfortable typing experience. You can re-map all your keys to suit your needs using the included keymap software. It can be a challenge to get used to the layout, though. If you’re a programmer, you’ll definitely appreciate the unique layout.

Although the HHKB’s layout can be difficult to learn, you can adapt quickly. For instance, you can change Backspace/Delete to Control. Unlike some mechanical keyboards, HHKB’s switches aren’t too harsh. This means that you can type comfortably for a longer period of time.

Modern keyboards have a control processor and indicator lights

Modern mechanical keyboards have a control processor and indicator lights to keep you abreast of what you’re doing. They’re great for gaming, but may be difficult to use if you’re used to a membrane-based keyboard. Depending on the manufacturer, a keyboard can also have special features like an ergonomic layout or dedicated number pad.

The control processor is usually a single chip 8048 microcontroller variant. It processes the incoming keystrokes, sending the results down the keyboard cord to the computer’s main CPU. In addition, it controls the illumination of the key lights.

The n-key rollover is a feature that ensures that each and every key press is detected and registered. A keyboard with N-key rollover can have as many keys as you want.

Another cool feature is RGB “Chroma” backlighting. This is a proprietary technology that provides a multicolor visual display under each key. These lights add a touch of flair to a setup.

Some modern mechanical keyboards are wireless. Many brands offer these types of keyboards. Wireless boards typically use plastic or aluminum to cut down on weight.

One of the perks of a mechanical keyboard is that it can be replaced with new keycaps. You can choose from a range of switches, such as Cherry MX and Topre.

Alternatively, you can build a mechanical keyboard yourself. You can pick the type of switches and case material to best suit your needs.


Mechanical keyboards are designed to withstand extreme stresses. These features are particularly helpful for hardcore gamers. With these keyboards, a user can type faster and more accurately. They are also much easier to maintain.

A mechanical keyboard is composed of several parts. The base is usually made of metal. This helps to avoid the occurrence of dirt and other stubborn debris. There are also plastic caps that make the keyboard easy to clean.

In addition, the case is often made of high-quality plastic. Plastic materials also reduce the weight of the keyboard. It is therefore portable.

Moreover, the membrane of the keyboard has a rubbery or spongy feel. Although these features are beneficial, they can degrade over time. As a result, they can become unusable.

One of the most important factors in choosing a mechanical keyboard is the type of switch it uses. Each type is different in how they close the circuit.

Some mechanical switches are better for gaming while others are good for typing. Cherry is one of the most popular brands of key switches.

Some modern mechanical keyboards have a feature called Key Rollover, which prevents accidental key presses. This feature can help gamers who want to access multiple keys simultaneously.

The durability of a mechanical keyboard depends on the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will stress test the switches to ensure their longevity.

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