Making the decision to undergo FUE Toronto is not an easy one. A lot of people decide to undergo a hair transplant only as a last resort. Once you have made the decision, the very next step is to prepare for the procedure. FUE is usually a moderately costly procedure. The cost depends on the number of follicles that you would be getting transplanted. For the best result and to get your money’s worth, it is always best to prepare well in advance. Here is how you can plan your hair transplant procedure with utmost ease and comfort.

Pick out the right surgeon.

For the best results, it is crucial that you pick out the right surgeon. Start doing your research and reviewing various practitioners. You should go through the before and after pictures on their website. This will help you to give an insight into the skills of the surgeon. When you are going through the after photos, remember that it takes several months, up to a year, for the final results to show. Hair growth takes time and doesn’t happen overnight.

Ensure you are in excellent health

Being in optimal health can help you to recover smoothly and swiftly. In case you are patient, it is highly recommended that you quit smoking for at least two weeks before and after having undergone the procedure. Smoking can impact the recovery period. When you stop smoking, it helps to promote adequate circulation and blood flow to the surgical site. Apart from not smoking, you have to ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet. A nutritious diet would include nutrient rich-foods and proteins, which help in the healing process. Even before you undergo the procedure, it is highly advisable to start eating healthy.

Book a consultation

Once you have circled in on a practitioner, book your consultation with them. They will examine your scalp and help you to determine whether the hair loss is permanent or temporary. Based on the examination, they will present various options to you which will help you have a fuller head of hair. The surgeon will provide you information about the number of grafts you would need to get the desired results. They would also tell you the difference between FUE and FUT procedures and which one would be best suited to meet your aesthetic goal.

A suitable candidate for FUE

As in the process of FUE hair follicles are transplanted, there must be enough donor hair follicles available. The donor follicles are usually taken from the areas of the head which have the densest growth. The side and the back of the scalp are two areas where the hair is more robust and less prone to falling. If there is lush growth, then you are a perfect candidate for FUE. However, if the available hair follicles are sparse, you might not be the right fit for the FUE procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon would determine whether you are well suited for the procedure and which procedures would be best suited for you.

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