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In today’s article, we would like to talk to you about plugins. To be more specific, we would like to mention plugins, which we think should be incorporated into your site. We think this article is of great value since today there are tons of plugins available, and it is hard for people to find strong and useful plugins. For this reason, we have made a shortlist of plugins that we think are a must-have.

Plugins are a great way of adding new features to your site that you previously didn’t have. This can be of great use. But adding too many plugins can cause them to clash and cause problems in your site’s functionality.

With that being said, you need to carefully plan out which plugins you would like to have. Let’s take a look at some of the plugins we think are a must-have.

WP Reset

WP Reset is for sure one of the most powerful and useful plugins out there. It is rich in features and can be used in many ways. Its name comes from one of its features – Nuclear reset, which is used by site owners to delete everything on their site, resetting it to its default state. The plugin can also be used as your personal time machine, thanks to the snapshots feature. In case you have updated a plugin only to realize you do not like it. You can “go back in time” and undo the update. When it comes to keeping your site clean and running smoothly, many cleaning tools are at your service. The Collections tool allows you to create a collection of your favorites plugins, which you can use later on if you decide you want to reset your site, for whichever reason. Next to all of these tools, there is also Emergency Recovery Script. This is a special type of file/script which helps you to recover your site, no matter how serious the mess-up was. I do think this is one of the most important things to have, in case you do end up not having access to your site due to an error or your own mistake. Situations in which this script can not help you are really rare. It offers 13 tools of its own, and dealing with any kind of problem is possible.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Another amazing plugin, made specifically to accomplish great results without having to spend tons of time. It is mainly used to create amazing looking coming soon and maintenance mode pages. These are pages that pop up when users try to access your site, but it is currently being worked on or is not yet open to the public. These types of pages improve your SEO greatly, or simply create a certain type of “hype” before making your site public. When it comes to the features this plugin offers, they are all very useful and easy to use. Over 2 million images and over 170 amazing-looking themes are at your service to use.

WP Sticky

A really fun plugin that allows you to create sticky elements and add them to your site. A sticky element is an element that is always on your site, no matter how far down you scroll. This is really helpful if you want to stick certain elements like headers, your site’s menu, navigation menu, or simply any kind of text, pictures, or whatever you’d like. This makes it easier for your users to find their way around your site, not having to scroll all the way to the top each time they want to open a new tab. Creating these elements is really simple, does not require any coding skills, and also takes less than a minute. The plugin creators offer amazing and professional support that can help you with any kind of problem you might be having.

WP 301 Redirects

This is a great plugin that helps you successfully redirect from one URL to another. This helps keep your site’s visitors from seeing the dreadful 404 pages and you to fix your broken links. When it comes to the features available in this plugin, there are tons. All of them have one goal: keeping your SEO and traffic up. The plugin offers charts, something similar to Google Analytics, for monitoring your redirects. They also have a strong support team that can help you with any kind of problem you might be having.

Google Maps Widget

An amazing plugin for adding a function we often forget, but that has great value. For example, if you are building a site for a company, business, or restaurant that has a physical address people might want to visit, you can use this plugin to add a map to your site with a pin pointing to the right address. This means it is really simple for your site’s visitors to see where your address is and visit you even in person. When it comes to the maps, you can customize almost every aspect of your map and can add even more than one pin if you are working for a business that has more than one location.


We do think you should consider incorporating some of these plugins in your WordPress site, if not all of them. The plugins we have mentioned cover almost every technical aspect of your site, and you can add other plugins that contribute to your site’s appearance. But you should be careful about not overflooding your site with plugins, which results in slowing your site down.

We hope this article was helpful, and you will consider using these plugins.

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