Practicing Self-Care: How to Boost Your Mood and Feel Better Now

With life’s everyday stressors, it can be tempting to stay in bed and watch Netflix. While binge-watching shows aren’t the worst way to spend your time, there are healthier ways to cope with anxiety and unpleasant emotions that will make you feel better long-term. Here are tips to boost your mood and help lift the fog of depression:

Get outside

One surefire way to boost your mood is to get outside. Whether you’re looking for a place to take a leisurely stroll or even some light stretching, simply being surrounded by nature can help you feel better. Studies have found that spending time in nature can increase feelings of calm and improve mental health.

Taking the time to appreciate the outdoors can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to clear your mind and relax. Getting out of your everyday environment for just a few moments can bring about many positive changes to both your mental and physical health.

Limit your screen time

Looking at screens all day can take quite a toll on your mood, no matter how interesting you may find the content or how productive it makes you feel. Instead, to boost your mood, spend less time engaging with digital devices and more time doing something tangible. Observing physical movement is key here; amidst nature hikes, biking trips, or garden work, such activities will force you to stop ruminating about emotional weight and instead focus outwardly for a change.

Choose an exercise or activity that you enjoy the most; when emotionally invested in the act of doing something, both mental and emotional benefits have been found to result. So pick up those gardening shears or dust off those hiking boots; by reaching outside of your comfort zone – and away from screens – you can end up feeling much better in no time at all.

Get a massage

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? A massage therapy session might be exactly what you need to give yourself a much-needed boost in mood. Massage therapy not only relaxes sore muscles, but also releases endorphins that help stabilize hormone imbalances and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Lehi massage therapists offer a wide range of massage services for whatever your personal goals may be: deep tissue massage helps improve circulation by applying firm pressure on the body’s connective tissues; sports massage increases flexibility and helps recover from intense workout sessions; prenatal massage calms nervous system responses and reduces back pain caused by the pregnancy. Make time for yourself and schedule a massage therapy session at Lehi today to start feeling refreshed!

Listen to music

The power of music is something everyone should tap into to boost their mood. Listening to music that uplifts you can help you stay calm and focused, reducing stress levels and creating an atmosphere for motivation. Consider selecting a few songs that have special meaning to you, or create your own custom playlist specifically designed to elevate your mood.

You’ll be amazed at the difference such a simple measure can make in improving your outlook on life. Whether you choose to listen during times of stress or in moments of joy, having a vibrant playlist on hand can always come in handy when it comes to fostering a positive attitude toward the world.

Write in a journal

A positive mood can help you to take on new tasks, feel more engaged with life, and recharge your energy levels. Writing in a journal is a great way to lift your spirits and increase feelings of joy. Studies show that taking the time to get those creative juices flowing can help declutter the mind and boost motivation.

This simple yet highly effective task gives you an opportunity to reflect on thoughts and experiences while being mindful of the present moment. Whether you’re writing down meaningful experiences or simply jotting down happy thoughts, journaling will give you that extra boost of positivity right when you need it.

Reach out to friends or family members

It’s not always easy to share your feelings and emotions with others, but if you are feeling down or having a bad day, it can be helpful to reach out to family and friends for support. Talking through what’s bothering you can help provide an objective outlook on the situation, and give you emotional guidance and reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It is important to build connections with people that you can turn to in times of need, especially if you feel overwhelmed by whatever it is that life throws your way. Not only do supportive people relieve stress but they also offer comfort and help foster a sense of belonging – two essential elements in helping boost your overall mood.

You may not see immediate effects but give it time. Practicing these simple habits will guarantee overall improved mental health.

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