Present for a Friend Who is Moving

If your friend is moving away because of life circumstances – rejoining their family, marrying their partner, or job-related reasons, – you will surely be sad to see theim go. Of course, you still have communication in messengers and the possibility to come to visit, but it does not replace seeing each other face to face. To show your care and support, you can give a friend something in honor of the move.

We have divided the possible gifts into several categories:

Useful gifts

Can include things needed directly for the move – packing material and boxes so that your friend can pack and move their belongings safely. You can also gift a subscription to a moving service. Specialists of such services can help with packing, transportation and unloading of things in a new place, which will greatly facilitate the move.

Sentimental gifts

You can give your friend something that will remind them of their hometown – say a shopper or a blanket with symbols of the city or country, or print out photos together and collect them in a photo album. You can also order a portrait of your friend including a general photo and gift it with the moving package. In addition, a box of branded sweets or food from your city can be credited as sentimental gifts – as long as you do not put perishable or difficult to transport products in there.

Gifts to customize

Here are some to choose from:

  • Useful appliances: If your new home doesn’t already have the necessary appliances, a microwave oven, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner or kettle can be a great gift.
  • Books and Guides: If your friend is moving to another city or country, then a gift of books or guides to that area can be very useful and interesting. You can choose a book about the culture, history or geography of a new place so that a friend can better understand the local way of life.
  • Interior items: depending on your friend’s taste and preferences, you can donate various interior items such as pillows, blankets, paintings or figurines to help create coziness and comfort in the new home.
  • Gift card: If you’re not sure exactly what your friend will need when moving, you can gift a gift cardto a furniture store, home appliance store, or department store, where they can pick out what they really need.
  • Cookbook with local recipes. If a friend likes to cook, you can give them a book of local recipes so they can try new foods and smells.
  • World wall map or new city area map. Such a gift will allow a friend to better orient himself in a new place and remember new places.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to support your friend in his moving.

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