Price and other factors to consider when buying an Ingco welding machines in Kenya

There are vital factors that one needs to consider before buying anything, the price being the key factor. This article describes some factors you may have to look out for before buying a welding machine in Kenya.

When you decide to buy a welding machine or any machine for that matter, it doesn’t matter if you had already bought one before, the experience is a little out of this world; unfathomable. With the continuing expansion of technology, different machines are invented every day.

This means that they come with modifications in terms of their key features. Brand new models of welding appliances flood the market with multiple features that may need you to be keen when choosing one. Listed below are a few factors you need to consider when buying a welding machine.

The Welding Process

A variety of welding machines have different features designed for different types of tasks or welding operations. Universal welding processes that are usually used by technicians are stick welding, MIG, and TIG. The aforementioned processes coincide with skills that one has.

Select a machine that you can handle given the skills that you have. Nevertheless, multipurpose models of ingco welding machines are also accessible. These appliances can be easily swapped from one type of welding to another while the power source remains universal.


When you are planning to buy anything, pricing is the first that comes to your mind before anything else. You need to go overboard by researching about the best ingco welding machine price in Kenya and browse through to see what may work for you best. You can walk out of the store with a welding machine that has all the features that may be needed for your work without having to spend too much.

Power input and outputt

Power input needed for the machine to work flawlessly fully relies on the welding process intended. Machines that are kind of lighter operate on 120V while those that are designed to execute more demanding work need 240V power input. For huge operations, especially industrial ones need three-phase power to perform.

Even though, there are welding machines that are multi-voltage that mostly run on 120V and 240V.

Size and Weight

As much as this seems insignificant, it is one of the factors one should consider. Different kinds of welding processes need you to work in various positions.

For example, automatic body fabricators need to be placed under the vehicle and over the hood for easy reachability. The machines are usually placed in tight spaces and they may not be moved during skyscraper construction. Hence, it is advisable to choose a machine that fulfills your portable duties.


If you are thinking of owning one for the very first time, you might be having a lot of tough questions that include the price, the brand, and the features of the machine. You have a lot to consider before buying one.

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