You might be revamping the kitchen, the whole house or constructing a new house. May it be any of these cases, you are required to opt for the perfect benchtops for your dream kitchen. Then what would be the plausible choices you have for benchtops? Yes, there are various ready-to-be-bought kitchen bench tops available in the market, yet the more famous ones are granite, engineered stone, and laminate. Now, this article will unwind the most sought-after kitchen counter materials.

  • Laminate

This type has genuinely progressed during the previous ten years roughly, and since it comes with a wide spectrum of colour choices to serve and many substitutes when it comes to the grain, finish, and design. When you look at a laminate kitchen counter, you will notice that the nexus does not make themselves distinguishable like they were a few years ago, and that is why it is capable of offering a cost-saving and bright solution.

  • Granite

When it comes to a kitchen counter, granite is inarguably the strongest material you can find, which offers sturdiness to kitchen counter surfaces. It requires frequent tending as compared to other organic materials.

Granite kitchen counters continue to have amazing looks for a long period if you tend to them and look after them properly. When examined with state-of-the-art crafted stones, it is a rather economical substitute. It will be priced much lower than an artificial, rigid surface kitchen counter, and it continues to be looked upon as a top-class solution.

  • Engineered Stone Kitchen Counters

The engineered stone kitchen counter is drawing a lot of attention these days in the market. So why not get a look at it?

The engineered stone kitchen counter is a synthetic solution, which stands out as one of the most chosen kitchen counter materials. It is composed of about 85% organic quartz and almost 4% resin to facilitate a tough hold. The prime substance in crafted stone kitchen counters with quartz is considered the sturdiest organic mineral. In today’s world, engineered stone kitchen counters are called by many terms, such as recomposed stone kitchen counters, quartz stone kitchen counters, or compound stone kitchen counters.

Engineered stone kitchen counters have sustained their position in the commercial market exceeding an era. They are frequently utilized for kitchen counters, other indoor kitchen counters, and vanity choices.

  • Traits

Speaking of looks, engineered stone kitchen counters render a charming look sturdy, like organic stone and durable. Nonetheless, different traits are there, resulting in engineered stone kitchen counters standing apart from the crowd of various substitutes.

  1. Engineered stone kitchen counters have lower permeability than granite or marble material which means they are very sterile.
  2. Because of the engineered composition, there is promised stability in the design, colour, and patterns.
  3. Quartz stone kitchen counters are considerably sturdy, but there are chances of damage to the edges if it is not tended to properly.
  4. These are partly immune to heat; that is why if you want to place hot utensils or pans right on the surface, think again because it might not turn out to be an excellent idea. Using rubber heat-resistant materials to place upon would be wise.

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