Qualities A Reputable crypto Exchange Should Have 2022

Introduction: As a new trader investing in the best crypto exchange would be the priority because if the platform is not that good, it will not benefit the investor in the long run. Kucoin is one of the best platforms in 2022, this platform has a lot more to offer for its new users, and the existing traders or users are delighted with its services. But what makes a platform best?

The answer to this question has many points discussed in detail in this article. So, without further a delay. Let’s Explore!


Bitcoin is an indicating factor for such cryptocurrency exchange platforms. A platform where it is easy to buy bitcoins is a good platform because cryptocurrency revolves around bitcoins, and that’s why bitcoin is the most valuable coin of all.

Fewer Fees

The role of a trader is to trade coins from one currency to another. Traders keep exchanging the currencies, and when exchanging, they have to pay an exchange fee. If an exchange offers fewer trading fees, it is considered a good platform. Otherwise, users and traders would not opt for this platform. Therefore fees are a key factor to pull more users.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is also a marketing program. A user has to market a platform on personal networks in this program. If someone makes a purchase provided by the affiliated link, the link provided will get a fixed commission. Thus affiliate programs are another option to earn from cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If any exchange gives a good commission on its affiliate program, users should go for that platform.

Referral program

The referral program is very similar to an affiliate program. A user has to advertise such a platform on personal networks like social media accounts or websites. A link is generated to promote, and whenever a new person makes a new account on the platform using the generated link, the link owner will get a fixed commission. In the affiliate program, the user receives a commission on a purchase, while the user receives the commission on a new account in the referral program.

Trading bot

Sometimes trading and exchange of coins become a tiring and hectic process. Most times, traders get exhausted when trading because it is a lengthy process, and it is not easy to earn profits when the user is tired. Therefore to help out such traders, crypto exchange platforms developed a trading bot solution. The trading bot is an artificially built robot. The role of this robot is to trade, sell and purchase the coins on behalf of the trader. The trading bot is so intelligent that it predicts results, and most of the time, its predicted results are correct. Therefore if an exchange provides a trading bot that works well and has given profits to traders, it is a good option for this platform.

When looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2022. One must search for the features mentioned above.

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