Qualities of a Good Hydraulic Press machine to Consider Before a Purchase

When pressing out material on a large scale, hydraulic press machines can be of great help. Choosing the best hydraulic press for your work can be tricky without a good guide.

In this article, we look at the qualities of a superb quality hydraulic press machine that you should consider before embarking on getting one. Before spending on the machine, have these in mind.

Getting your own hydraulic press machine is an enormous step towards simplified work. This is essential especially when your work involves a lot of pressing. Thing is, no one wants to purchase a machine that will last him only a month or two.

You will want one that lasts you almost a lifetime and one that serves the purpose with almost one hundred percent efficiency. Keep reading to find out what is that you should consider in order to get such a machine.

1. The tonnage of the machine

Every machine has a maximum and minimum size of the task it can perform. When it comes to the maximum size, the machine cannot perform normally past these. Hydraulic press machines will often have a maximum load they can press.

If your work involves pressing commodities with many tonnes, consider one with a high tonnage i.e., if you press goods past one hundred tonnes, do not buy a machine with a one hundred tonnes tonnage.

2. Accessories

Accessories are the accompaniments of the machine. When you buy it, what does it come along with? Ensure you go for those with a wide array of accessories as this not only eases the process o assembling the machine but also ensures maximum operation of the machine.

These accessories include; die cushions, dwell timers, automatic cycling, and electronic light curtains just to mention a few.

3. Construction points

The following will ensure you get a high-quality machine;

  • Rigid frame construction with thick bolsters.
  • Dimensions that favor the task you are to complete.
  • The horsepower rating of the machine.
  • Length, speed, and duration of the pressing strokes.
  • The cylinders.
  • Maximum pressure the machine can produce.

All these once considered ensures you get the best.

4. Cost of the machine

The price of a commodity is crucial when it comes to purchasing. One wants to consider the affordability in order to make the purchase. You should consider the hydraulic press machine price in Kenya before choosing where to buy yours from.

5. Type of press selection

Press selection type is chosen with the end requirement in consideration. Examples are; open-gap presses which exert pressure from three sides, 4-column presses which ensure even distribution of pressure when pressing, and straight side presses offering required rigidity when applying dies.

6. Machine action

You may also consider what work you want the machine to perform. Some are for heavy-duty tasks, and others for light-duty tasks. Do not go through stress to purchase one meant to press metals when what you want to is fabric. Also, the correct machine ensures efficiency.


Hydraulic machines come at differing qualities and prices. Knowing the features to consider and the prices place you at an advantage for getting the best.

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