A bone saw machine is a machine meant for cutting both meat and bones. It reduces both meat and bones into smaller pieces. The machine is not only made for sawing the freeze of the whole meat from cattle, sheep, goat and other livestock but it can also be used for cutting small pieces of meat. This machine can be used in a food processing factory, a hotel, slaughter house or a butchery.

The bone saw machines are made from stainless steel. It has a total weight of 32.5 kgs. The machine is also driven by 1100 W Power which helps it run smoothly. The bone saw machine also has a voltage of 220/240 V. The dimensions in terms of length, width and height are 50 by 50 by 90 centimetres respectively.

The bone saw machine price in Kenya is  between forty nine thousand shillings to a hundred thousand Kenyan shillings depending on the seller. The machine is costly because of the features that come with it. The ones that that have already been used are however cheaper than brand new ones. Both new ones and the second hand machines can be bought by visiting dealership shops in Nairobi and other towns or by shopping online.

So why should you spend all that amount on this machine?

The whole machine is made with stainless steel with surfaces that are specially treated. This makes the machine endurable to use in conformity to hygiene standards stated in the national policy on food hygiene and safety. This is the most important feature because the consumers of the meat passed on the machine can be guaranteed of the safety of their food.

The saw blade is both sharp and stable. The blade can also be adjusted to the best mode for cutting by the blade tension. This feature goes a long way in ensuring this machine is suitable for cutting through various bones easily as well as frozen meat, normal meet, fish, poultry and any other types of meat.

The machine has a self-stretching pulley which make it easy to use the machine. Adjusting the pulley is precise and easy both in height and in inclination up-down or left to right. This feature ensures the user better contact with the machines blade while working. Again, with a very easy operation, the user can take the upper pulley and the blade off during cleaning.

Cleaning of the machine is very easy. This is because the bone saw machine has two construction features. All electric parts are housed at the back side of the equipment. This makes it hard to damage the electric parts when cleaning the other parts even when using water because it does not come into contact with them.

Lastly, the bone saw machine saves a lot of space as well. This is because its design which is upright makes it occupy minimal space. This makes it favourable for a small business setting.

It is also important to note that there are do’s and don’ts  even before considering the bone saw machine price in  Kenya . They are:

Shutting off the power when the machine is not in use.

Cleaning the machine regularly.

Avoiding putting your hands in the machine when it is operating.

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