Reasons To Choose the Best Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon.

It is true that humans have hair all over their bodies. They cover our faces legs and underarms and other places. However, some tend to have much more than others that appear ugly and embarrassing. Such people are often compared with bears! You might spend lots of time trying to wax or shave to eliminate that unwanted hair. Laser hair seems to be a better option.

About laser hair removal Gurgaon

This advanced therapy is considered to be a simple process that needs to be performed by a qualified, licensed, well-trained professional. The specialist applies laser light to the unwanted hair-filled area. The laser emits pulses of light to attack both hair and follicles. In the process, hair gets destroyed at the root, thereby preventing its further growth.

Effective elimination of hair

Generally, hair is known to grow in three diverse stages. The Best Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon can prove to be effective in its results only if the hair is in its growth phase. Hence, there will be essential multiple treatments. For capturing each hair during this developmental phase, numerous sessions will have to be spaced out across four weeks apart.

10 Reasons to choose laser hair removal technique

According to the experts, laser hair removal offers permanent results. It does offer numerous benefits, some of which are given below:

  • Less painful unlike other hair removal techniques: It is not as painful as many assume it to be. This therapy is often compared to the snapping feeling of a rubber band against the skin. It can be a bit uncomfortable. However, sessions being fast, it is possible to endure.
  • Quick results: The laser hair removal technique can be safely stated to be a quick solution to eliminate unwanted hair from the different parts of your body. But you will need to attend multiple treatment sessions. However, most of them will take a couple of minutes. The time spent under the laser will depend on the treatment area covered.
  • Easily eliminates hair from any body part: This modern technique is proven to remove hair from all parts of the body except eyelashes. According to experts, it is quite ideal for bikini and back areas. These are those tough-to-reach areas to use razors for shaving purposes while waxing them can be extremely painful.
  • Precise solution: The fact is laser technology being a modern concept is considered to be incredibly precise in its results. It is ideal for those who seek to target as well as eliminate specific hairs. This is also a fabulous option for those seeking to eliminate hair in smaller areas around the hairline, bikini line, upper lip, or the eyebrows.
  • Not requiring you to endure regrowth: A few techniques like plucking and waxing do require enduring some regrowth between sessions. Search laser hair removal near me and state that this is not the case by availing of laser therapy. At all times, you can enjoy hair-free, smooth skin.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs: Ingrown hairs may result from various hair removal methods including waxing and shaving. If you experience ingrown hairs, then an excellent option will be to avail laser hair removal. It destroys hair right from its root. Hence, those pesky hairs will not grow back again or cause you trouble.
  • Long-term solution: This therapy does offer permanent, long-lasting results. Perhaps, some touch-up might be required for a few months/years with time. It is indeed the best available solution easily available to derive a long-term solution. You will also experience a permanent reduction in further growth of hair. Thus, maintaining it becomes easier over time.
  • Cost-effective solution: Laser therapy does require you to undergo several sessions as suggested by the experts. This means you do need to spend a good amount. Since the results are long-term, you get to save hundreds or thousands of rupees on monthly razor blade refills or waxes.
  • Minimal side effects: You might simply be tired of undertaking other alternative methods or making monthly frequent waxing appointments to remove hair from your body on a regular basis. If so, then it is high time that you consider availing of laser therapy. Its side effects are quite minimal.
  • Completely safe: Lesser areas to treat will take just a couple of minutes for the session to complete. This method is considered to be effective, FDA-approved, and safe for everyone to use. Consulting the specialist will allow you to know how to go ahead with the sessions.

Do’s to follow:

  • Shave in-between treatments. It can help eliminate hair quickly without causing any damage to the root. Before applying a laser to a particular part of the skin, the therapist will suggest shaving anything missed out. Otherwise, visible hair, if any in the region would get singed.
  • After the treatment, for a while avoiding sun exposure on the treated part of the skin. It is suggested to wear high factor SPF. Remember, skin after treatment gets sensitive to UV rays. Hence, slather it always in high-factor sunscreen, thereby safeguarding it from sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.
  • Exfoliate gently the area to encourage falling out of dead roots. This should be done after undergoing every session. This will only help your skin to appear less shadowy and bumpy.

Don’ts to practice

  • Avoid applying any type of heavy product or makeup for about 24 hours immediately after undergoing laser treatment. This is to prevent the skin from getting clogged from the used products that otherwise might cause breakouts.
  • Avoid plucking, epilating, or waxing your hair, especially in-between sessions since it eliminates hair from the root level. Lasers get attracted to hair pigment lying below the skin. Once gone completely, nothing will remain or laser to zap.

Does laser hair removal offer permanent results?

This advanced hair removal method is known to offer high success rates. It effectively banishes unwanted wisps. However, hormonal differences among clients are what fluctuate the longevity of success derived. The recommended course can help you to derive approximately 80% of reduction in hair. If after having a laser hair removal session you get pregnant, then you might notice new hair growth. Avail suggested top-up treatments to ensure unwanted hairs are gone for good.

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