Reasons to Invest In a Detached Garage

There can be endless reasons for adding a new garage to your property, from additional storage space and creating a home office to enhanced curb appeal. However, the daunting part is to decide on your choice of garage. Considering that attached garages are a common staple in most homes, they are usually thought of as the safest choice. Nevertheless, while having a connected space has its perks, you’ve to understand that investing in a detached garage can give you significantly more freedom for several reasons.

If you’re wondering whether a detached garage is something you should be adding to your property, here are a few key points to make your final decision easier:

1- Convenient Installation

When installing an attached garage on the property, you have to consider several factors that may limit your options on the go. The garage’s structure that should fit perfectly to work as an extension of your home is the biggest restriction of all.

On the contrary, a detached garage allows you the liberty to make the installation at any given point on the property as long as you have enough space. Moreover, you don’t have to take the house measurements and design into account when the garage is a separate body instead of an extension.

2- Freedom of Expansion

Furthermore, detached garages also allow residents to expand the given space down the road upon their changing needs and preferences. Considering that attached garages are fixed to your home, they have limited space around them to encourage expansion. On the other hand, detached garages are placed separately, which provides you with better opportunities to make alterations afterwards.

However, to make sure your garage doesn’t look out of place and fits well into the landscape, you can turn to a professional garage-building company, like Fair Dinkum Builds, for a job well done.

3- Versatile Functionality

Additionally, detached garages are more versatile in functionality as well. When attached to your home, garages can’t become an ideal workspace since people inside the house may get disturbed if you tend to indulge in clamouring hobbies, such as woodwork. Plus, the same goes for the people inside the garage if they’re looking for a quiet time but keep getting distracted due to the commotions coming from the house.

4- Toxins-Free Home

A detached garage is also a healthier option for the residents. Since the detached garage isn’t connected to your house, there’s less migration of toxins from the garage into the house. This may include exhaust fumes from cars or chemicals eliminated from the garage-turned-workshop.

5- Safety from Fire

Lastly, if a fire were to break out in your detached garage, the distance from the house will keep the fire from spreading any further. The attached garages are significantly less reliable in that aspect since they maximise the potential damage.

It’s understandable and advisable to put some thought behind your decision when choosing between an attached and a detached garage for your property. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make a preferable choice based on your particular needs.

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