Reasons To Sleep On A King Size Bed

We all know how sleep is an important factor in our lives. Be it an adult or a child, sleeping is when your body rejuvenates. When you are a family, the nights are incomplete without the bedtime stories for your kids—a place to unwind as a family before you hit that sweet slumber. The size of the bed sizes matters when you sleep together as a family. Recently, have you been longing for a place to sleep and have recently grown resentful of family cuddles? Or does your partner sleep so erratically that you hardly have any place on the bed? This is where king Size beds come into play. Let us look in-depth into this:

Let us start at the beginning. What is a King Size bed?

The largest size of bed available is a king Size bed. Typically, a king-size bed measures 188 by 183 centimetres. In certain parts of the world, say the US, these come in 2 different types, California size and standard king Size bed; the former is bigger. In simple terms, king size beds are nothing but two double bed sizes put together.

The History behind King Size Beds

The story goes like this, Americans used to sleep in full-size or twin beds until the late 1940s. The salespeople in the mattress world initially placed 2 double bed sizes together and advertised them as one huge bed to sleep on. They never thought to develop a larger mattress until around 1945. Slowly but gradually, the slogan ‘buy bigger and sleep better-gained popularity with the birth of king size mattresses.

Benefits of Sleeping on King Size Beds

There aren’t many drawbacks to having a king bed, except that it takes up a lot of room. However, there are countless advantages. Here are the significant advantages of owning a king size bed.

More Space

According to studies, sleeping in a larger bed is preferable for couples, than sleeping on a regular bed. And who wouldn’t want to roll over freely when you have the space on your bed, right? And if you are a person who twists and turns in their sleep, a king-size bed is the right choice, as your partner’s sleep will not be disturbed. And a good stretch once you wake up also feels good, right? All this is possible with a bigger bed space.

Easing Pressure Points

Bed dimensions play a crucial role in your sleeping posture. If you sleep in discomfort, you may end up waking up with soreness or stiffness in your body. Uncomfortable posture can also mean, joint pain and back pain; imagine waking up day after day with such aches. Due to the depth of today’s king size beds, pressure points in the body like the hips and shoulders are lessened. Make sure your king size bed frame has the appropriate comfort level for the way you like to sleep. This encourages neck and head alignment while also maintaining proper shoulder and hip movement while you sleep.

Restless Sleepers

Everyone has heard about or perhaps even admitted to being a disorderly sleeper. The causes can range from having a “wild” subconscious to having joint difficulties like arthritis. King-size beds provide you with plenty of space to spread out. The best thing is that neither you nor your spouse will be aware that the other is tossing and turning, making the slumber all the smoother.

Bedroom Style

How can one compromise on the bedroom style? Imagine a room with a majestic wooden bed, and that wooden bed design also happens to be king-sized. The look of the room will be royal and classy. And a person who has an eye for interior design won’t compromise on it. King size beds can be accommodated on all kinds of bed frames. Wooden frames, metal frames, wooden storage bed frames, etc. And a king size bed may suggest convenient and undisturbed sleep after a hard day’s work in a more elegant, vintage-inspired bedroom.

Moneys’ Worth

Many would feel that investing in a king size bed would be costly. That is not the case these days, you can find affordable ones without having to compromise on your style or budget. And at the very end, if you are sleeping as a family, with children, this is worth every penny.


The majority of individuals struggle to get a decent night’s sleep, whether it be due to insomnia, back pain, or interruptions caused by young children wanting a good sleep with their elders. The quality of one’s sleep has a direct impact on both personal and professional lives. Simply put, more productivity is a direct outcome of improved sleep, and beautiful things can result from increased productivity. But what is the ideal remedy for increased productivity? a king size bed. Most of the causes of insomnia can be resolved by a king size bed, which will also provide you with the comfort you seek to fall asleep quickly.

Family Space

We all require enough room to comfortably lay down as well as to move about and reposition. The amount of room you’ll need will increase based on how many people or animals (pet parents) you’re sharing your bed with. Even the tiniest kids can occupy a large amount of room. A king size bed is always preferable because it will greatly improve everyone’s quality of sleep.

Body Composition

When choosing any kind of mattress, be it king size beds, or queen beds, consider your sleeping position, height, and body weight, as well as those of your spouse. For couples who are heavier, a king sized bed is recommended. However, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers all prefer more room while sleeping, and what better mattress type than the king?

Above is the checklist to look out for before you purchase or upgrade your mattress to a king size. Here are some other factors of which you need to be aware before you make the purchase. It would be wise to check for replacements for damage and check if the store would deliver the furniture free of charge. The warranty also needs to be checked, to know what is covered, like damage or maintenance, replacing parts like hydraulics, etc. Each factor is different in each store, so it is always better to ask and understand the other benefits.

In Conclusion

Don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of your bed because getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your mental and physical well-being. Go for it if a larger bed will help you sleep better! King-size bedsheets are also an ideal way to treat yourself and make sure you’re making the most of your private haven in your bedroom. Although the cost may at first seem intimidating, when you consider all the advantages of getting a good night’s sleep, not to mention the enhanced quality of life, upgrading to a king size bed becomes an obvious choice.

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