Reduction Mammoplasty Cost In Mumbai Is Totally Worth It

Heavy breasts have a very negative impact on women causing chronic pain in the back and neck, difficulty in breathing, effects on mental health due to a lot of unwanted attention, and physical activity becoming very limited.

This surgery is mainly done for medical purposes and cosmetic benefits are mostly a bonus. Breasts become smaller, firmer, and lighter in weight as a result of the removal of extra skin, tissues, and fat. This is done by different types of incision techniques around the areolar region. Women experience a boost in their confidence and become more social and physically active.

Is this surgery right for you?

Over-sized breasts can cause a lot of physical limitations for the women making them very self-conscious, preventing them from performing any physical activities, and causing emotional distress.

This surgery is entirely safe if the patient is medically fit and has realistic expectations about the surgery.

It is not recommended for women under their 20s to undergo this surgery as the breasts are not fully developed. This surgery affects milk-producing ducts and nipples, so it is also not recommended for women that plan to get pregnant in the future.

You own your body and any decision regarding any cosmetic surgery is very personal and should not be influenced by anybody, be it your partner or social pressure. Breast reduction surgery is life-changing and you must discuss everything in detail with your surgeon.

Preparing Yourself for the surgery

Your doctor will ask you about your expectations from the surgery, your current medicines, past surgeries, or any breast cancer family history. Then you will get a surgery plan and your surgeon will discuss the expected outcomes of the surgery with you. If you agree with your surgery plan, your surgeon will do a complete physical examination to ensure you are fit for the surgery.

You’ll also need to stop smoking and avoid certain kinds of medicines and supplements as advised by your physician to prevent bleeding risk.

As this is a few hour’s operations, you’ll be able to go home the same day after the surgery. However, due to the anesthesia effect, you’ll need someone to take you home. Also, you’ll need to have some close friend or family member to stay with you.

Recovery After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Your surgeon will apply a dressing and bandage to your surgical area. You might need to wear a surgical bra or elastic bandage for supporting your breasts during the healing process. In some cases, a small tube is inserted for draining extra fluid or blood that can build up as an outcome of the surgery. You must follow all instructions given by your doctor. Your doctor will give you a complete list of protocols you’ll need to follow for faster healing and recovery.

Cost Of Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai

Reduction of Mammoplasty cost in India varies from surgeon to surgeon and the complexity of the procedure. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is one of the best plastic surgeons in Mumbai at Lilavati Hospital. He is KEM Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston alumnus.

The cost of reduction mammoplasty in Mumbai varies from Rs 150000 to Rs 250000. It is a surgical procedure that removes extra tissues, fat, and skin cells to make breasts proportional and reduce the pain that arises as a result of oversized breasts.