Remote Team Training: Tips for Remote Managers

Do you often miss the days when you will have team training right in the office or in a conference hall? Well, if you too work remotely, then all the gatherings must be moved to be done remotely as well, especially when your team members are not physically located in the same region. 

Apparently, you can not miss out on the training from your work process, as for the company to keep moving forward, training play an important role. In case you are a remote manager, you will need to advance a few tactics before you start remote team training. 

Below, you will find three important tips for you to organize and successfully hold remote team training. 

Value your and your teammates’ time

As a remote manager, your most important task is to deliver the educational material and make sure your teammates are on the same page as you and the company. The main goal of the training is to inform and train the employees. Whether they will work on integrating WooCommerce platforms, using design tools, or other strategies, make sure they’re well-prepared for these.

It should not matter if you have planned the training to last one or two hours. You do not need to repeat yourself thousands of times till you waste the time dedicated to the training. Instead, respect and value your teammates’ time. So, whenever you feel that the information is given, and the discussion is logically leaning towards the end, do not artificially lengthen the training time. 

Use engaging media

Like online classes, remote training requires more effort to keep your audience engaged. Hence, it is important to include different means of media to grab the attention of your teammates. As video learning can be more effective due to grabbing more attention, so including a variety of engaging media such as infographics, graphs, and images can pepper up your speech and maintain your teammates focused on the topic. 

No matter how important the topic of your training is, not to lose track and stay mentally connected, your teammates would appreciate the use of engaging media. Do not be monotone, but also do not yell. Use a variation of tone, and make sure your voice is as much appealing as your topic and the media usage. 

Content matters

Make sure the content is not repetitive whether it’s a blog article, podcasts, or other type of content. Be precise and concise. Deliver the news and make sure your content is designed logically. Start with the important pieces of information as listeners tend to be more attentive in the beginning, and not in end, when they might already get tired and bored. 

Make sure you engage your teammates to talk and express themselves. Organize a Q&A session at the end of the training to make sure everyone connected to your remote training session is fully integrated and aware of the topic. Be open and do not neglect questions as the training is meant to entirely prepare the teammates for the new approaches or tactics your company is about to implement. 

Wrapping up 

Managing remote teams might be challenging, but organizing successful training is a lot more. Remote managers should have a strategy on how to hold remote team training so that it serves the needs at its best. First and foremost, do not waste time. Be precise and concise. Include engaging media, organize Q&A sessions, discuss the topic and listen to your teammates. Following these tips should help you with succeeding in remote team training. 

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