Renew Your Oregon Construction Contractor License with Continuing Education Training

As an Oregon construction contractor, keeping your license up-to-date by completing continuing education every two years is essential. The State of Oregon requires contractors to complete a specific number of hours of continuing education courses to renew their licenses. This article will provide all the information you need about continuing education training for Oregon construction contractors.

Why is Continuing Education Important?

Continuing education helps contractors stay up-to-date with industry trends, regulations, and technologies. It also ensures that contractors have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality services to their clients. By completing Oregon Contractor continuing education courses, contractors can improve their business operations, increase their revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

What are the Requirements for Continuing Education?

To renew your Oregon construction contractor license, you must complete 16 hours of continuing education courses every two years. The courses must be approved by the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) and cover specific topics related to construction contracting. These topics include:

  • Business practices
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safety
  • Building codes
  • Energy efficiency

Where Can You Find Approved Continuing Education Courses?

If you’re a construction contractor in Oregon, keeping up with your continuing education requirements is important to maintain your license. Fortunately, several organizations offer approved continuing education courses for contractors in the state. By completing these courses, you can fulfill your CE requirements and stay up-to-date on the latest industry practices.

State of Oregon’s Education Website

The State of Oregon’s Education website is one place to start your search for approved continuing education courses. You can find a list of approved providers offering in-person and online courses here. This can be a convenient option, as you can choose courses that fit your schedule and learning style. Plus, you can be confident that your courses will meet the state’s requirements for continuing education.

This organization offers online CCB-approved courses explicitly designed to fulfill your CE requirements for license renewal. The courses are user-friendly and self-paced so that you can complete them at your own pace and schedule. This can be particularly beneficial for busy contractors who need more time to devote to continuing education requirements.


It is an organization that provides state-approved and accepted self-paced online courses for construction contractors in Oregon. Their courses are designed to be both user-friendly and affordable, making it easy for contractors to fulfill their CE requirements without breaking the bank. Plus, because the courses are self-paced, you can complete them on your schedule and at your own pace.

No matter which organization you choose to get your continuing education courses from, it’s essential to make sure that the state of Oregon approves them. By doing so, you can be confident that your courses will count towards your CE requirements and help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry practices. With so many options available, it’s easy to find courses that work for your needs and schedule, so don’t hesitate to start exploring your options today.


Renewing your Oregon construction contractor license is crucial for maintaining your business operations legally. Oregon Contractor continuing education training is an excellent way to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality services to your clients while staying current with industry trends and regulations. Choose an approved provider today and start fulfilling your CE requirements!

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