Renovations That Increase Your Happiness and Property Value

Updating your home is often a huge investment of time and money, but those tiny fixes can do wonders for your mental health. In fact, beyond improving the property value of your home, beautifying and bettering the interior and exterior is bound to put a smile on your face. After all, your home is your personal haven. Why not make it feel like your personal paradise? 

  • Replace The Old Carpets 

As popular as carpets used to be in homes, they aren’t anymore. Carpets can house a lot of pet dander, dust, mites, dirt, and other issues that could lead to sniffles and sneezing throughout the year. Additionally, carpets in high traffic areas tend to get dingy, detracting from the overall appearance of your home. 

By switching to another material, such as the wood underneath that carpet, or tile, you can instantly upgrade the look of your home and eliminate all that constant cleaning and vacuuming you are doing. Tile, wood, and stained concrete are all durable and sustainable. You can then purchase area rugs to change the look of the room in moments. 

  • Finish The Basement

Haven’t put the basement to good use? With more people spending more time at home, it has become obvious that families need more space. Finished basements are incredibly popular these days for that reason. Having a finished basement means more space to do what you love, such as adding a home office or yoga studio or playroom for the children. 

  • Repaint Those Walls

Did you know that painting has some of the highest ROI of all home renovations? Who would’ve thought a simple coat of paint could have so much value? But it’s more than that. Choosing the right color combinations for a room could have a positive impact on your mood. Soothing colors, like light blues and greens, can promote tranquility, for example. Choose your color palette wisely! 

  • Redo The Kitchen and Bathroom

It’s a common phrase in real estate that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes—and it’s the truth. Kitchen and bathroom remodels should always be on the top of the list. Having brand new appliances and fixtures will make your home feel like a dream come true, and you will feel happier knowing that you have brand new items, more counter space, and a larger pantry to support your family’s needs. 

Close to kitchens are bathrooms. Adding a second sink for your spouse, upgrading the shower, fixing the plumbing issues, and swapping out the flooring will all support your lifestyle. Plus, such renos can vastly improve the atmosphere of your bathroom. 

  • Add a Home Office 

Working from home can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper set up. Most people now understand the horror of distractions during a Zoom call or class. Limit such issues by investing in a home office. You will get a lot of ROI from building one, too. Home buyers are seeking out properties with home offices, because everyone wants a distraction-free space where they can concentrate on studies or work. 

  • Conclusion

Before you begin tearing down walls, think about how the next renovation could improve your happiness and quality of life. Even if you plan on moving in the future, make sure the changes to your home are going to satisfy you, too.

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