(Review of HUAWEI Band 4, a smart watch with full features, durable battery, 5ATM waterproof and supports)

HUAWEI Band 4, a smart watch with a beautiful design, affordable price, with features that take care of our health very well. Protagonist with ease of use the battery lasts for weeks and doesn’t need a charger. Read this entire huawei band 4 review indeed it will help you in choosing best version for yourself.

 Summary of specifications of the HUAWEI Band 4

  • Body size: 56 x 18.5 x 12.5 mm.
  • Weight: 24 grams (including wristband)
  • 96 inch TFT display screen, 80 x 160 pixels resolution
  • Sensor system
  • Acceleration sensor system 3-axis acceleration Sensor
  • Sensor System Infrared Wear Sensor
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection system
  • Water resistant to 5ATM, depth up to 50 meters
  • Battery capacity 91 MAh

Charging time: about 1.5 hours

  • In terms of design, the design is considered quite beautiful for the HUAWEI Band 4; the color that we got is the darkest black like Graphite Black. The device is very lightweight. The appearance of the device is a rectangular shape with rounded edges in all 4 corners.
  • The silicone strap that comes with the device is considered beautiful as well. We can easily remove this cable from the device. Just press the button at the bottom and when removed, it must be plugged back into the original slot can’t switch channels. The display screen is a touch system. There is a beautiful 2.5D curve; the fluidity in response is at a good level.
  • The area around the machine will not have buttons on both the left and right. There will only be a Home button at the bottom of the display screen. On the back of the device, the HUAWEI Band 4 has an optical heart rate sensor. In addition, HUAWEI Band 4 also comes standard with 5ATM, can be waterproof up to 50 meters deep.
  • HUAWEI Band 4, a smart watch with a beautiful design, affordable price, with features that take care of our health very well. Protagonist with ease of use the battery lasts for weeks and doesn’t need a charger.


A few hours away from HONOR, Huawei has also released Huawei Band 4, a new smartband that basically incorporates functions and design from the “cousin” HONOR Band 5i. Color screen, vibrant straps and numerous features make the Huawei Band 4 a very tempting smartband.

Technical characteristics of Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4 features a 0.96-inch color TFT display, with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. Compared to the predecessor, the battery capacity drops to 91 mAh, however enough to guarantee a week of autonomy. Among the sensors we find the three-axis accelerometer, the infrared sensor to understand if the smartband is worn or not and an optical sensor for detecting the heartbeat. Connectivity is guaranteed by Bluetooth 4.2, while thanks to water resistance up to 5 atmospheres it is possible to use Huawei Band 4 even in the pool, for swimming sessions. The screen is touch sensitive and has a Home button to quickly return to the home watch face. The display cover is made of plastic, while the strap is made of silicone. The breaking news compared to past models is represented by the possibility of unhooking the strap to expose a USB connector. In this way it is easier to recharge the battery, without having to resort to a dedicated cable. In fact, just insert the smartband into any USB socket (computer, power supply, power bank) to recharge the battery.

Huawei Band 4 design

From the design point of view, the new Huawei Band 4 differs from the previous model for a different aesthetic solution. The screen now has rounded corners, with a frame that acts as a connection with the strap, for a decidedly more captivating look. The 2.5D touch-sensitive screen, with a touch button, guarantees excellent ergonomics and unprecedented ease of use.

Huawei Band 4 software and functions

There are definitely many software functions, many of which can be exploited to the fullest thanks to the companion app Huawei Health. 9 types of physical activity can be automatically detected and thanks to TruSleep it is possible to have a detailed and accurate analysis of the various stages of sleep. Notifications arrive on the smart band display; we will be alerted by a slight vibration. The message reads very well, despite the small screen the size of the letters is not affected for reading. Night mode and do not disturb available. During certain time slots the device will reduce the brightness of the screen to a minimum and will not notify anything, so as not to bother. If you have an Android device, you can also control music from a number of supported apps. You can turn the volume up and down, go to the next or previous song and play and stop the music.

Sport and health

Huawei Band 4 manages to record their physical activities, for different types of sports. Every day it independently records our steps, our sleep, the kilometers traveled and the calories consumed. By entering the settings we will also be able to control the SpO2 as well as the heart rate. In this way we will be able to check the oxygen saturation in the blood. We can also set an alert to remind us to move if we have been standing still for too long.

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