Revolut for Travel


In recent years, the global community was facing progress and improvements in the sphere of technology and electronics. The discovery of new types of currency and the availability of new abilities for people around the world, made a need for new types of services that can cover the new updates especially in the sphere of finance and banking. In this regard, we want to write about Revolut as one of the successful online platforms that is providing users with the new services. In this article we will write about its features and we will know how this platform can help users in case of trips and traveling.

Revolut & Its Features

As mentioned above, revolut is an online platform that provides users with financial and banking services totally in online format. With this platform users can set a budget and get the instantly spend notification and weekly track their expenses. Also they can link all their other bank accounts to the revolut and manage all their accounts in one place. Additionally, customers will be able to send money to all over the world, instantly and without any extra or hidden fees. Users will be able to transfer money with 30 different currencies by the interbank exchange rate, they can share a bill, send and request for money from anywhere and at any time. Should be noted that additionally to what mentioned before, users can buy the crypto and gold via the revolut mobile app as fast and secure as possible. It is worthy to mention that with the mobile app of revolut, users will have a total control on their account and cards; they will be able to freeze and unfreeze their cards, make online and contactless payments and withdraw cash from any ATMs.

Revolut for Travel 

In case of traveling and trips, users don’t need to inform revolut about their plans. This platform actually predicted these types of situations and in its official website, revolut is providing users with some important tips that can be helpful for any user that wants to travel. Users need to verify their identity before any trips; the platform needs to confirm the identity of the users and then will allow them to use the services of revolut. Additionally to this point, users will need to order their physical cards that will allow them to make a payment and withdraw cash anywhere and anytime as easily as possible. It also recommends by platform to add money to the card before the trip; in this regard users can transfer huge amounts of money via the bank transfer. With all these points, users will be able to have a perfect and comfortable trip.


Definitely, the online platform of revolut with its features and special services especially in case of traveling, can be counted as a good option for users around the world to manage their money easier and feel comfortable about their funds in current and future time.

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