Nothing beats the aura of a fine dine candlelight dinner in Bangalore. It doesn’t matter which stage your relationship is at or heading; this is a traditional way of bonding with your partner and sharing some quality time. You could do it at home, go out, explore a new restaurant, or skip town altogether.

It has an unmatched charm that never goes out of style. Plus, candlelight dinners reflect reverence and care on the part of both partners, strengthening their bond. Imagine coming back home from work exhausted and have your partner set up a quaint yet fancy dinner table for you with some food and wine. Although this isn’t very grand, it is a thoughtful gesture.

They might even book a table at your favorite restaurant in town. These little gestures can spark up one’s mood and make one fall in love all over again. Candlelight dinners in Bangalore present various items for people to choose from and tweak their dinner aesthetics.


1) Dinner by the pool

A romantic dinner does not always have to be confined to the boundaries of indoors. You could also choose a restaurant that has a poolside table for a change of scenery. You could rent that space for the night and float several charcuterie trays replete with candles and cocktails. It is not only romantic but also creative. Your partner will be delighted with the result

2) Hop into the tent

Are your indoor dinners becoming too monotonous ever since the pandemic hit? Us too.  We devised an imaginative creation of making slight alterations to your otherwise tabled dinners. You could set up a mini tent within the house and install some fairy lights. It is unique and laced with dalliance.

You could make use of several fluffy pillows for a snuggly feel, giving a slight twist to your dinner. Instead of wine, bring in hot chocolate, marshmallows, and other comfort food. Invest in old-school lamps to top it up perfectly.

3) By the beach

You may have come across seen these envy-provoking date pictures by the beach. You can give that a try if you live near the beach. Carry wicker baskets replete with cheese, rosé, flowers, and a gorgeous meal to commemorate the frame. It is the perfect picture of a triumphant date because what is more romantic than eating by the beach? The frame sells itself in all respects. Carry seafood if that is something your partner would enjoy.

4) Restaurant dates

Sometimes, sticking to the basics is critical. Although these ingenious schemes possess an unmatched aura, you can liven your perfect dinner dreams even at a fine dine restaurant. Make sure the place isn’t overcrowded to kill the mood and that they have some scintillating scented candles placed on every table. You must be on the same page regarding cuisine choices as your partner. Carry along a bouquet to gratify your significant other. The ambiance does the better half of the work for you.

5) In the park

Park dates are underrated. Usually, parks are empty, giving you ample space, tranquillity, and beauty to rekindle with your partner. It is like your own paradise waiting to light up your day. You could carry throw pillows, pretty rugs, candles, strawberries, fondue, artichokes, and so on. You might even get some phenomenal pictures with your partner.


Don’t forget to get creative on this date night and make it a night to always cherish.

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