Rose Burillo – Tips on Coming to Mexico City

If you are looking for an amazing city getaway or even a cool city to relocate to, then luxury apartments Mexico City is a great option which you can consider. Having lived here for a number of years now I have seen the tourism numbers rise greatly and in truth, that comes as absolutely no surprise. This is a great city which is filled with action, culture and a fun loving lifestyle. The low cost of living here, not to mention the huge array of activity which everyone can find, makes this the perfect city to spend some time in.

Before you get here however, here are some things to bear in mind.

Watch The Weather

Something which you must bear in mind is just how volatile the weather can be in this city. And so depending on when you are coming, it is important that you take a check on what the weather is going to be like, so that you can pack appropriately. If you come during June – November you are likely to encounter a great deal of rain each afternoon, so be sure to pack a jacket. If you are coming between January and March, then you may feel a touch of cold too. Always check the weather before coming.


It was my friend Rose Burillo, who already lived in the city, who told me about the change in altitude here. I spent the first couple of days getting out of breath easily, and then I realized why. This is a very high city, higher than most in the US, and that is something which you should prepare for. The best advice is not to plan big days out on your first 2 days.

Getting Sick

Many talk about getting sick in Mexico, which is certainly something that happens to tourists here. There are however some very common ways in which this happens, and easy ways to avoid it. The first is buying street food where they don’t take care of the meat. The best way to avoid this is to go to a busy stand and keep an eye on their handling. Another reason for illness is ice made with tap water, a simple question in the restaurant will ensure you avoid this. Finally veg can be bad if you don’t wash it properly, make sure that you get an iodine solution from the grocery store, sold with the produce, to properly wash your veggies.

English Spoken

Despite the relationship which Mexico has with the US you will be surprised to find that there really isn’t too much English spoken here in Mexico City. The younger generation will perhaps have a good grasp of English but that is all, which is why it is important that you learn at least some phrases before you come down here. Everyone will help you out and correct you if needed, and they love it when someone tries to speak Spanish here.