S Gurdeep Singh, Jujhar Group: Taking Advantage of Technology to Improve Productivity in the Logistics Sector

In an entire interaction, S Gurdeep Singh Jujhar group, Chairman, and Founder of Jujhar Group talk about how technology is readdressing the logistics and transportation sector and how inventions like Drone deliveries, Digitisation, and green motorcars will achieve popularity in the forthcoming years. He charts the organization’s 31 years of legacy and summarizes his plan for the future. 

How is technology readdressing the logistics and transportation sector? What tech inventions have the Jujhar Group taken? 

Technology is readdressing the logistics and transport sector to reduce costs and uncertainties by eradicating the threats. Every vehicle now has a built-in detector that is attached to a system that observes the tracking. Technology has also improved productivity in the logistics field. The entire transport and logistics industry is getting advantages due to this shipment tracking, technological reconstruction, and trucking conveyance.

With the most delinquent logistics tracking and automated software, Jujhar group is always rated at the top by respected vehicle manufacturers like Tata, Maruti, Toyota, and Hyundai. Jujhar Constructions & Travels Private Limited is the chief of the Jujhar Group, providing luxurious passenger journeys and transportation logistics.

The company owns one of the biggest and most elegant fleets of Volvo and Mercedes buses. It is the best mode of transportation for smooth intra-city travel due to the increased level of client pleasure and an impeccable security record.

With 31 years of heritage, what is the way forward for the Jujhar Group?

It is a well-assorted partnership group having head office in Ludhiana, Punjab. Also, it has desirable market leadership in many automobiles such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Logistics, Hospitality, Media, Entertainment, News channels, and many more.

The Jujhar group is now leading into the more tech-led side of the enterprise as they are invading the hospitality sector and many more specialties. They are now growing assets into the new generation of inventions and enterprises that would be more assorted and will work into a more creative strategy.

What tendencies will shape the Indian logistics sector in the forthcoming years?

The logistics sector is noticing modifications due to quick changes in customer practices and choices. Tendencies in which the Indian logistics sector will shape in the forthcoming years are.

1. Digitization will evolve more famous: Supply chains can evolve quickly and more complicated as an outcome of digitization. End-to-end exposure is evolving more important in the supply chain so that stakeholders can make conclusions dependent on real-time data.

Businesses will support vastly in cloud technology and use data to simplify operations and witness supply chain problems in the forthcoming years. While data barriers have been an issue in the past, digitization can reduce the threats associated with them and incorporate strategies.

2. Green motorcars will achieve popularity: There is a change towards greener conveyance options as problems about carbon emissions grow as an outcome of raised demand for logistics assistance as e-commerce rises.

Electric two-wheelers, trucks, three-wheelers, and light saleable automobiles are also in need since embracing such environment-friendly techniques provides substantial advantages such as improved torque, lower maintenance costs, and decreased pollution, among others.

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