Secrets You Didn’t Know About High Pressure Water Supply

Alkaline and mineral water are some of the healthiest water types since they provide essential nutrients to your body, but drinking safe, treated water ought to be your top priority. In most cases, to get the treated water, we opt for various high pressure water supply systems in which water is metered and sold in terms of units.

This guide will generally focus on factors affecting the high-pressure water supply;

In addition to direct high-pressure water from water pumps, high-pressure water is obtained from the sewerage system. The sewerage system water is pumped and supplied within certain area.The variation in water demand and pressure is caused by several factors that must be cautiously studied and analyzed before affecting the amount of demand for a specific town or city.

Some of these factors are,


The presence of leaks reduces water pressure and deteriorates, so it is best to have any leaks (even minor ones) fixed as soon as you notice them.

Water Quality

When the quality of water is satisfactory, it can be consumed more because consumers will regard it as safe to use and will use it freely for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, when decent quality water is available, consumers will not be using water from outside sources such as dug wells, hand pumps, and so on. Thus, as the quality of water supply improves, so does the percentage of water in demand. The high demand for water will reduce the pressure at which the water flows.

The time of day

The time relates to when the water pressure fluctuates. If your residential water pressure is frequently low at about the same time, it is most likely due to peak utilization, which is when many individuals in your neighborhood are all using water at the same time, such as individuals taking early showers or running their dishwasher each night after dinner.

Charging Method for a Water Distribution System—Metered or Unmetered

Metered or unmetered public water supply systems are available. In the scenario of a metered water system, meters are installed at the head of individual house connections to record the amount of water probably consumed by the consumers andthe amount of fees for the actual amount of water consumed as recorded by meters.

As a result, with metered water supply, consumers use water more carefully and with less waste, resulting in less water use. In the particular instance of unmetered water supply, however, consumers are charged a fixed monthly flat rate regardless of the amount of water consumed.

As a result of unmetered water supply, consumers are enticed to use water more liberally, resulting in significant water waste. Meter installation essentially reduces the likelihood of water demand, thus increasing the water pressure.

Water Price

High pressure water price in Kenya have a great effect on water consumption. In most cases, the best source of high-pressure water is from water pumps

The price at which water is distributed to consumers may influence the rate at which water is demanded. We consume less water if the prices at which water is distributed are high, and vice versa. Nevertheless, the general view is that as the cost of water rises, consumption falls only slightly while the water pressure increases.

Pipe Blockages

Water lines and plumbing fixtures can become clogged as a result of debris. Blockages can form due to a variety of factors, such as brittle and crumbling O-rings, corroded shutoff valves, or perhaps even the pipes actually deteriorating over time. The blockage reduces the speed of water flow. A plumber can explore the source of the blockage and wash out the material or replace any necessary parts.

Town or City-Size

In general, the larger the town or village, the higher the rate of water demand, and vice versa. This is because large towns or cities invariably have sewerage systems that require a large amount of water so as to maintain high water pressure. A large amount of water is indeed needed for various other civic or community purposes in order to maintain a healthy and clean environment in large towns or cities.

Furthermore, the comfortable lifestyle for residents of a large town or city contributes to the increase in water demand due to the large amount of water required for domestic use.

To sum up, to generate continuously, one should inspect every aspect. Proper sewerage systems and water pumps should be put in place to necessitate the supply.

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