Self-remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common male sexual dysfunction, it affects millions of men aged between 18 and 60, therefore, 25-30% of the male population. Although it is a rather frequent pathology, it is also the least diagnosed. This is a problem considered embarrassing, perhaps even more so than erectile dysfunction , a subject that is reluctantly talked about that has a significant impact on the quality of life and with negative effects especially in relationships and in couple life.

What is premature ejaculation?

The term premature ejaculation means when this is induced by minimal sexual stimulation, when it occurs immediately before or after penetration and before the person desires it. This pathology can also be defined on the basis of the duration of vaginal contact and the number of coital movements before ejaculation, although a definitive agreement has not yet been reached with regard to these last parameters.

This erectile dysfunction represents the main reason for sexological consultation. To measure the precocity of ejaculation, the time between the onset of penetration and ejaculation is calculated. Several studies, in this regard, have shown that we suffer from this disorder, in 90% of cases, ejaculate in less than a minute.

Types of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be divided into two broad categories: primary and secondary

  • Primary premature ejaculation , also called life long, can occur in any situation and is very common in the first sexual intercourse and in the first masturbation. In some cases, however, the disorder persists and can even get worse. In some subjects it manifests itself in the preliminary phase of the relationship, therefore, even before penetration.
  • Secondary premature ejaculation , also called acquired, can occur at any time in one’s life and can arise suddenly or gradually in a person who previously had normal ejaculatory times.

Premature ejaculation: what is it due to?

This condition is most commonly seen in very young men who are new to sexual experiences. Most men, in fact, manage to delay ejaculation with experience and with age, however, some continue to ejaculate prematurely. Some males also manage to delay ejaculation only when they have a stable relationship, while they can experience symptoms again when there is a new partner. The causes of this sexual disorder are multi-factorial.

  • Psychological causes

In most cases, the causes are psychological and, therefore, determined by stress, performance anxiety, depression, masturbation addiction, couple problems, dissatisfaction and other negative problems that favor the onset of this disorder.

  • Organic causes

Sometimes, premature ejaculation is due to organic causes which can be hypersensitivity of the glans, inflammatory states, urethritis, anatomical anomalies of the frenulum, prostatitis, etc. These are very rare conditions, but obvious as they also involve a whole other set of symptoms.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be prevented by acting on lifestyle and avoiding situations of stress and anxiety .

From the physical point of view, a preventive solution can be exercises that allow to develop the pubococcygeus muscle, in order to better control the sexual act and the ejaculatory drives.

Premature ejaculation: self remedies

Nutrition and sport

A healthy and balanced diet is very important to combat this disorder. In particular, it is necessary to prefer foods rich in Omega3 and Omega6, such as fish and nuts and bioflavonoids, such as grapes, lemons and grapefruits, which favor the control of ejaculatory impulses. Finally, sport is essential for gaining greater awareness of one’s body.


Essential oils are also able to influence the psyche, to alleviate this disorder, we can use Ylang Ylang which has a relaxing action on the nervous system and alleviates anxiety disorders. In addition, it takes away stress, nervousness, promoting understanding and forgiveness, while also restoring the desire to love.

Sandalwood essential oil is also a valuable aid because it works by balancing sexuality with the spirit. Clearly it is not a real aphrodisiac, but it is suitable for subjects who experience sex in a superficial way and for those who need to relax to let go.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

Remember, if you use any of these substances, premature ejaculation can be a symptom of excess of one of these substances. Therefore, avoid taking them, both for your health in general and for solving the problem specifically.

Use of Dapoxetine

Kamagra is a well known, and effective erection pill, manufactured by Ajanta pharmaceutical. One version of Kamagra called Super Kamagra thanks to two active substances Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, treats two the most common male sexual problems at the same time.

Sildenafil Citrate, is a PDE-5 inhibitory substance responsible for long-lasting healthy erection. This active ingredient of Super Kamagra promotes blood flow to the penis, thanks to its vasodilating capacity. As a result, the erection is favored and increased after taking the drug.

Dapoxetine is the officially approved medicine to treat premature ejaculation. The mechanism of Dapoxetine’s action is linked to the inhibition of SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Dapoxetine simply extend the time between sexual arousal and sexual climax.

Sildenafil and Dapoxetine pills takes effect after about thirty minutes and can last up to 4 hours. Super Kamagra is a well-tolerated medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is available over the counter or online, therefore you can buy Super Kamagra from any online pharmacy. Before using this medicine, read the product leaflet thoroughly.

Don’t hide

The problem of premature ejaculation can be difficult to accept and cause you great self-esteem problems. Do not hide the problem by inventing useless excuses but, on the contrary, talk about it with your partner, and both find a way to overcome it.

Learn to delay ejaculation

There are techniques that are commonly used for the treatment of this disorder. These allow the subject to get used to reaching a high level of arousal without, however, reaching orgasm. The first technique is called start and stop and involves the interruption of the stimulus every few seconds. The second technique, on the other hand, is called squeeze and can also be practiced together with the partner. The latter provides that the patient or partner squeezes the glans for about 20 seconds, preventing ejaculation and decreasing the strength of the erection.

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