Have you watched the tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Do you know Joey and Chandler?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an American television show having a fanbase of millions around the world. And assuming you are one of them, I will present my example. Do you remember the episode where Joey buys reclining desk chairs cum sofa, also known as recliners for the apartment? The comforting expressions of Chandler and Joey while sitting on the chair is enough for us to understand the comfort it provides.

Down the line, we somehow felt the comfort of watching them from our screens only. So, just imagine the comfort it will provide when we will actually sit on it.

How often do you spend your time sitting? Well, it is unhealthy if the answer is too long but isn’t this the life of many nowadays? Spending multiple of the day sitting down in offices or schools or colleges without an option.

The worldwide pandemic has surely added fuel to the fire. With nowhere to go, people are spending the maximum of their time sitting, stuck with office work while children and stuck with online classes. The rate of physical activity has come down drastically.

This makes it very important to choose a comfortable chair for all the long hours. Statistics show that most people had to buy herman miller ergonomic chairs while working from home as it provides superior comfort and support for extended periods of sitting. Some companies gave considerate provisions for the purchase of the same. So, let us know in detail why a correct chair is important?


Back in school, were you asked to sit against the chair and sit up? Constantly asked to sit straight and maintain a posture. Well, we thought of it as continuous nagging and hardly followed the same. But as time passes, the reasons become more and more important.

  • A good chair helps us in maintaining a good posture.
  • It helps in comforting the lower back
  • Working or studying in a chair increases our concentration power and restricts us from slouching back and dozing off.
  • Induces professionalism
  • Makes you want to get up off the chair and engage in some physical activity.


Choosing a good chair can be tedious. So, let us tell you about a few efficient office chairs that can help you with your productivity and health. These are:

Conference Chairs – These chairs are forward-leaning, straight chairs that help in better engagement and attention during working and meetings. In a way, these chairs help promote better performance and growth of the work.

These chairs are a bit uncomfortable, which is why we can sit for long hours. The chairs motivate us or make us take small walk breaks, initiating physical activity in our body. Also, uniform breaks help with speedy work and positive mental health.

Ergonomic Chairs – Many work for home employees choose to buy ergonomic chairs for the comfort it provides. It has wheels on the button which makes movement easier. The cushioned surface provides a comforting platform to rest our butts on.

The height of the chair is neck-high, benefiting the neck and allowing us to rest our neck upon it. The ergonomic chairs are capable of slightly reclining and allow us to stretch in between tight schedules along with the benefitting lumbar support it offers.

Drafting Chairs and Stools – these chairs are a combination of chairs and stools, making them flexible for the users. The chairs have a footrest, commonly seen on high bar stools along with wheels at the bottom. This helps in easy movement and flexible choice of leg place in the chair.

The chair has a straight back, inducing good posture, and is an excellent choice for counter height tables or standing tables.

Big and Tall Chairs – How often do we wish to sit on our boss’s chair, right? The tall, leather, comfy chairs look so appealing. According to the current situation, working from home has kind of made us our own bosses.

So, do not miss the opportunity of buying the reclining desk chair and enjoy comfortable and long sitting hours working. The easy reclining facility with soft leather and cushion surface makes it an ideal choice of chair.

24 Hours Chair – Also known as a reclining desk chair, the chair has a few ergonomic features with thickly padded seats and a comfortable back. It is specially designed to make long hours of working bearable and comfortable.


Investing in a good chair now will help you in saving a great deal of money from paying it to the doctor. Working constantly while sitting upright and staring at the laptop can damage both the posture and eyesight.

So, it is better to learn from people and buy ergonomic chairs or any other type of reclining desk chair to work comfortably with good back support. So, choose your right match (chair) now.

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