Should Your Dog Drink Water After Exercising?

On average, a dog requires an ounce of water for every pound of its weight. However, this could even go higher when the dog is participating in strenuous exercises. On a relatively hot day, the canine will need to consume more water to keep it cool.

You will realize that a dog resembles human beings in many ways. For instance, after a power walks, hike, or run, your body will demand more water. Dogs that play hard will require their owners to take care of their hydration needs.

Here are a few tips that can help you take care of your dog’s hydration needs after exercising.

Provide enough water

When you go out on a long walk, ensure that you have enough water for both your dog and you. Take hydration stops along the way after every two miles, or anytime you see your dog panting at an increased rate. However, ensure that you limit the amount of water that your dog takes at any given time because too much water while walking may lead to stomach upsets.

One of the most practical products that you can use is the dog water bottle which controls the amount of water that the dog drinks. Anytime the dog licks the roller, a small amount of water is released therefore providing effective control on how much water can be consumed by the dog at any time.

 Cool your dog down after exercising

While cooling down is important for human beings after completing an exercise, dogs will also find this to be more helpful. Towards the end of an exercise, slow down and walk casually for up to 5 minutes. This helps to reduce the rate at which the dog’s heartbeats, while also allowing the dog’s temperature to come down.

After getting home, you may consider giving the dog some muscle rub or help stretch the limbs to help relax the muscles. If it’s on a hot day, you can dowse a towel inside cold water and hang it on the dog’s shoulders. This should help to bring down the temperature, therefore helping your dog calm down quickly.

Include treats in the dog’s water

Dogs may refuse to drink at some point, and this makes it necessary for you to induce them into drinking enough water. You can add slurps, which are natural and super tasty drinks that are made using naturally available ingredients.

They have a smell that no dog can resist and this can help them want to drink even when they are not interested. This treat also contains some omega 3 and 6, therefore adding more benefits to your dog.

Our Verdict

It’s your role to ensure that your dog takes enough water after exercising. A strenuous exercise such as brisk walking or running makes your dog’s temperature rise. It also elevates the heart rate, so cooling is necessary at various intervals of the workout, and also when you are through with it. Provide clean water using a dog bottle, and you can also add sweet-tasting treats on the water if your dog is not interested in drinking the clean water.

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