Sideboards Online: Here’s How To Land On The Right One

Are you looking for new types of furniture to upgrade your home? Consider purchasing a sideboard. This furniture which has gone out of fashion, has come back with a vengeance; before finding sideboards online from Wakefit that suit your style and design, learn how to find the perfect match for your home.

What is a Sideboard?

A sideboard cabinet is also known as a buffet and is a cabinet that is placed in the dining room or the kitchen. Many stylish ones can be placed in the living room too. It has been a staple for home decoration from the days it was created, even before the fitted cupboard was made.

The design of the sideboard is it has many drawers and cupboards to ensure there is enough storage. It can hold cutlery, plates, and cups not often used in the kitchen. Depending on the height of the sideboard, it can also be used as a place to keep food before it is served. This is useful in families where guests or extended family members often visit.

Typically a sideboard has two doors that can open out. This design provides full access to the interiors of the furniture. Apart from that, it has many shelves and drawers to store crockery and commonly used items in the dining and kitchen area.

Sideboards are a fantastic addition to the kitchen, dining, living, or bedroom. It provides ample space, not just for storing this inside but also to display photos and other accessories. Alternatively, it can also be used in the hallway and instantly add some character to the space while making it look clutter-free.

Choosing a Sideboard and How to Find the Perfect Piece

If you are looking for some trendy storage options, this practical piece of furniture is the ideal choice. But how to choose one. Start by knowing your needs;

  • Where do you want to place it?
  • What is the style you are looking for?
  • The purpose
  • What are the colour, size, and material that matches the decor and the rest of the furniture?

Check the Dimensions

One of the foremost things to consider when picking any piece of furniture is to know the available space. Understand the layout of the room and the other furniture so that you know where to place it. For instance, if you want to place it in the dining area, consider the size of the dining table. Then place it a few centimetres away so that you can open all the drawers and doors.

Next is the height. Many sideboards come with short legs or no legs to provide ample storage space. The height of a standard sideboard ranges from 70 to 90 cm. It is important to know this height if you plan to serve food on it. To get a balanced decor, the height of the sideboard and the dining table should match.

Sideboards come in varying lengths. Choose between one, two, and three compartments depending on the space available. Opt for a taller sideboard with double drawers if you have a small space.

Sideboard Style Options

Sideboards are available in many styles like

  • Scandinavian: Retro furniture with low legs and a streamlined, simple design.
  • Painted sideboard: If you need something that complements the existing furniture, consider a painted sideboard. It comes in many shaded colours, so these gel with other pieces in the space.
  • Oak sideboard: These contemporary and modern pieces fit the chic decor. These have cool designs which make the space look incredible.
  • Solid industrial oak: These are minimal but bold and hold their own in any space. These are large, so it is an ideal option for storage needs.

Material Options

  • Solid woods: These are the best wooden storage cabinet and the most preferred as it offers a naturally beautiful look and feels with variations in their grains. Moreover, it ages well and lasts for many years to come. It is easy to maintain with an occasional touchup and refinish when it has simple designs. However, it needs more maintenance if you go for ornate and intricate designs.
  • MDF: These are often combined with laminates, veneer, and other coatings to provide a wide range of colours and finishes. However, the durability of this depends on the quality of MDF and the finish chosen. Opting for laminates is a good choice if you want to imitate the looks of wood or marble. But they can be damaged easily as they chip due to wear and tear. Plywoods with MDF are a good combination and are aesthetically beautiful too.
  • Metal panel: These are made of metal and are considerably lighter. They are also available in many coatings and colours. Some come with a glass or plexiglass finish with shelves or doors made of glass. These can be used to display items.

Sideboards are not a flash in the pan kind of furniture. On the contrary, it is timeless, and the trend will last for many years as they do not go out of style. These are practical yet aesthetically beautiful and add great benefits to your home. Moreover, you just don’t have to settle for any random thing as there is a perfect sideboard for every space. Just visit the Wakefit furniture online and get your preferred one right now!

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