Rings are accessories for women and men, and this tradition has been there since ancient history. The male signet ring, also known as the ring for the gentleman, is commonly worn today by most young men. These rings are usually made with family heritage symbols and are quite large and bulky to accommodate the huge design.

This article is to inform readers about the significance and tips on how to purchase this ring that is in trend and as close to their personality as possible. It includes tips from choosing the right size to shape and even adding stones to bring it up and represent their true self through fashion.

Significance of Signet rings:

  • The male signet ring has been popular amongst kings and emperors for many centuries.
  • The ring was seen as an identification to signify which kingdom or clan they belonged to. It was the easiest way people could identify one another in wars.
  • These rings are also titled seal rings as their design is an embossed form of the representative symbol of their clan. They would also frequently be used to stamp letters being sent during times of emergencies or invitations.
  • They were designed in a unique way that they were almost unforgeable to replicate as each ring was unique to the individual and the kingdom.
  • As time went by, these rings were worn by people from the higher class of society, representing their family emblem to distinguish themselves.
  • Today, all those differences have died down and have become a representation of fashion rather than the class of society. Everyone is now a fashion icon wearing these rings, expressing themselves fearlessly and fiercely!

How to choose the perfect male signet rings:

  • Shape: The very first step is to figure out what shape of the ring is more appealing and how it goes with all the outfits intended to be worn with it. Some common shapes available in the market are the contemporary round, traditional Oxford Oval, the unusual yet elegant diamond shape of Marquise or the soft-square Victorian era famous Cushion shape.
  • Stone setting: The choice to have a stone on the ring or not is the next decision, as the stone can sometimes add extra elegance to the ring. The most common stone additions to these rings are the golden brownish-red chatoyant stone setting called tiger eye which adds a silky hazy appearance. The more common black Onyx, the Sardonyx, is a pronounced detail look due to different colour layers or the Bloodstone setting, a jasper stone with speckles of hematite.
  • Metal: Last but not the least, metal is also an important consideration for the ring, as there are male signet rings made from semi-precious, common, and precious metals for consumers of all kinds. The most common precious metal used to make these rings is gold which again comes in many categories. There is the yellow gold, rose gold and white gold to choose from for people interested in variations.
  • The more affordable metal option available is silver, as it has also been used for centuries to cast this stunning ring. Platinum is also a great metal option if the ring is proposed to be given as a present for their birthday or some special occasion.

Yes, these rings have a history of representation and are meant to be worn by only those who could afford them, but times have changed, not the style and fashion. These rings are for anybody and everybody; make that purchase now!

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