Sigsync Office 365 email signature: Expert Review 2022

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What is Sigsync?

What can I use Sigsync for?

Configuring Office 365 email signatures

  1. Login process
  2. Adding a tenant
  3. Sigsync signature modes
  4. Connector configuration
  5. Sigsync Signature Editor
  6. Sigsync Rules
  7. Preferences

Salient Features

What benefits do I get by using Sigsync?

Pricing Plans

Review of the different parameters

  1. User interface
  2. Simplicity and ease-of-use
  3. Customer Support
  4. Free Signature Design
  5. Feature options

Final Words


When we write emails, we usually pay close attention to the text, but less attention to what happens to it later. Email signatures are blocks of graphical information that appear at the end of an email and are used in the same way that business cards. When a recipient receives an email with clumsy or unprofessional email signatures containing false information, their opinion of you may change. Email signatures, believe it or not, are therefore as important as the email message itself.

In an organizational or business setup, you must ensure that all of your employees have email signatures that correspond to your brand’s logo, colors, typefaces, and other elements. Manually completing all of this, on the other hand, may be difficult, especially if you want to include GIFs, promotional banners, hyperlinks, HTML elements and analytics in your email signatures. To do this, you’ll need a dedicated email signature management.

In this product review, we shall be looking at the Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 which is a secure, Microsoft-approved Office 365 email signature solution to simplify the above process.

What is Sigsync?

Sigsync is a secure, web-based Office 365 email signature tool that makes it easy to create email signatures. Because of the centrally managed dashboard, it ensures compliance and automatically appends customized sign off messages to the end of an email on the fly, regardless of the platform/device from which the email is sent. With just a few clicks, you can create company-wide signatures. To ensure the safety and security of your data, it adheres to stringent security standards and regulations. It is an ISO 27001:2013 certified service that ensures the security of the email signature process as a whole. For email signatures and disclaimers, Sigsync employs secure cloud services and your emails are not accessible or read by anyone. Your Office 365 credentials are not saved during setup and authentication and are protected by OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Sigsync, let’s dig deeper into its applications and features.

What can I use Sigsync for?

You can have consistent email signatures across your company with Sigsync email Signature for Office 365, giving the impression of a well-run, professional organization. Sigsync signatures can also be used to promote products, services, business and events. With this centralized web application, you can manage all of your users’ emails from a single location, ensuring brand and messaging consistency and enabling quick updates across the entire board. You can, however, create different email signatures for different teams and departments, as well as schedule signatures to activate on specific days and events. Let’s take a closer look at the various steps.

Configuring Office 365 email signatures

1. Login process

To use Sigsync, you must first log in to the Sigsync dashboard and add your tenant. You can login directly either using an Office 365 account or using the Sigsync Sign up form. The login process is fairly easy and direct.

2. Adding a tenant

To configure and manage email signatures, you must first create a tenant in the Sigsync service. A tenant is a subset of your Office 365 account that includes all of your user accounts. By adding them, you can also manage Sigsync subscriptions for a tenant. With the various buttons that are directly visible, the interface is self-explanatory.

3. Sigsync signature modes

After adding a tenant, Sigsync allows you to add signatures in three different ways. There are three types of modes namely: Server side, Client side, and Mixed mode. Configuring Sigsync connectors is required for server side and mixed mode.

The Client side signature mode necessitates the installation of the Sigsync Outlook Add-in without the need for connector configuration.

Mixed mode supports both server as well as client side for adding signatures.

4. Connector configuration

If you are using Sigsync in the Server side setup, you need to configure connectors which function as a bridge between the sender and the receiver. This step configures an Outbound and Inbound Exchange Online connector for the user’s tenant, routing email traffic through the Sigsync service. However, the client side signature technique does not necessitate the configuration of connectors because email signatures are added on the fly while composing. Configuring connectors is also a breeze because the entire process is guided.

5. Sigsync Signature generator

Next, we’ll look at Sigsync’s full-featured signature editor. We tested this Signature Generator and found that it is a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that automatically handles all HTML code (you can import yours too). We could design elements, such as tables, text, images, and social media icons, in the email signature area as needed which in our opinion is really useful for users to design their own signatures. It allows you to create unique, professional email signatures with disclaimers, banners, and other elements in a matter of minutes using the freely available components. Another time saver is that the signature generator offers hundreds of ready-to-use email signature templates for any occasion, which can be instantly customized to meet specific needs.

In addition, the generator can automatically retrieve the sender’s AD information, such as name, company, and address. We tested it by adding multiple Social Media Icons, Text Sections, Analytics, OneClick survey, QR code etc. These components operate on a drag-and-drop basis and are extremely user-friendly.

6. Sigsync Rules

We’ll now go over Signature Rules, which are an essential part of the Sigsync. What makes this feature so great is that you can add signatures based on your own rules. By configuring signature rules, you can, for example, define different signature templates for individual users or groups of users. Signatures can be included or excluded based on keyword phrases, and they can also be excluded for specific recipients. By specifying the rules, you can assign a different rule to future signature templates for a reply or forward message. Based on the requirement, the rules can also be prioritized in order of importance. This is especially useful when the signature must first be assigned to a single team before being added to the rest of the teams.

You can also add signatures based on specified groups with the rule-based signature. Choose the required group and design a unique banner and signature for it. Individual teams can be assigned signatures that are unique to them in this manner.

7. Preferences

You can use the Sigsync Preferences section to tailor the Sigsync service to your specific requirements. These options make it easier by streamlining the process of adding and managing signatures across platforms. In this section, we’ll take a look at the various Preferences options.

Sync AD Changes

Active Directory (AD) placeholders contain information such as Company, DisplayName, MobileNumber, JobTitle, and others. If you add or change any of these fields or users in Office 365, it may take some time for the AD attributes to appear in your email signature. If the AD attribute changes are not reflected in Sigsync, the Sync AD Changes Now button in the Preferences tab allows you to sync the changes immediately.

Signature occurrences in email conversations

Signature occurrences in an email control how signatures are added to new email conversations, replies, and forwards. For instance, you may only need to include a signature in the first email. Another option is to create an email signature for the most recent email in the thread and then delete it from any previous emails in the thread. There are four options available, which are shown below.

Signature position in email

If you want the signature to appear right after the end of the current email body, you can choose the ‘Signature under the latest reply’ option.  If you want the signature to appear after all the email body including the previous email body, choose ‘Signature at the very bottom’ option. This is useful for avoiding signatures taking up much message space when you are exchanging or replying back to the messages.

Email Signature in Sent Items Folder — This option adds a signature to emails in the Sent Items folder. As a result, the emails in the sent items folder are identical to emails received by the recipient and are useful as a proof for legal compliance.

Enable Sigsync Outlook Add-in – This option allows you to preview the signature that will be appended on the server side while composing it.

Remove signature added by mobile – Using this option you can replace certain phrase(s) from users’ mobile signatures with Sigsync email signatures.

Embedded and linked images

When you select the option ‘Embedded images,’ the images are immediately incorporated into your Signature and sent as concealed email attachments with a unique Content ID specified in the message’s source.

When you select ‘Hosted or Linked Images,’ images in your Signature will be linked as a direct Web URL and downloaded into the message each time the recipient views it. We found this feature to be essential for email signatures because many email clients or services block images, and by toggling this option, the user has complete control over how they wish to send the email to their recipients.

TEXT, RTF, HTML signature

Sigsync supports the conversion of signatures with plain text, RTF  formats to HTML. This force converts all the emails to HTML maintaining uniformity and avoiding email signature problems with certain mobile clients.

Processing Secure Messages — Sigsync makes it possible to add email signatures to encrypted messages. These encrypted emails can be sent as is without a signature, or they can be attached to a new email with a signature below the message.

Add global and tenant specific admin

Sigsync allows you to add a global admin user to manage signatures for all the tenants or to designate users of a tenant as an Admin to that tenant to manage their signatures. This makes it truly a centralized signature.

8. Salient Features

Sigsync meets all of these requirements, as the majority of customers look for these features in their email signature.

Centralized Email Signature management

Sigsync provides centralized Signature management, allowing you to create email signatures for all employees using pre-designed templates from a single place. Among other things, you can change the typeface, colors, graphics, logo, email disclaimers, and sender designation and so on.

Automatic updates gives peace of mind

Sigsync allows you to change the default template as per your liking. You can change the banners, images and fonts for example, and the changes will be reflected in all of your company’s signatures in real time.

Signatures for a certain campaign

You can generate campaign-specific email signatures and banners to communicate sales updates, blogs, corporate announcements, and upcoming events.

Template Gallery

The Sigsync Template Gallery gives you access to a variety of predefined email signature templates that are tailored to your company’s needs which is quite an eye-catcher.

Analytics and reporting 

To evaluate the effectiveness of your emails, you can use Sigsync analytics and collect information such as the number of senders, templates used, recipient response rate, and so on. This provides email marketing statistics, including real-time data on banner clicks and other links within emails.

What benefits do I get by using Sigsync?

We’ll go over some of the advantages of using Sigsync Office 365 email signatures in a nutshell.

  • Centralized, secure Office 365 email signature management.
  • Support for all devices and email clients (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, and so on).
  • Email signatures are attached to the most recent email replies and forwarded emails.
  • Provides a number of pre-made signature templates to meet your business needs.
  • Retrieves AD fields and presents them in the signature automatically.
  • Signatures with missing or blank AD fields are immediately erased.
  • Sigsync Signature Outlook Add-in allows you to preview your signature while writing an email.
  • Enable signatures for emails in your ‘Sent Item’ folder.
  • Scheduling feature to automate your marketing strategy.
  • Incorporate social media links, website links, QR codes, analytics, and OneClick surveys in your email signature.

Pricing Plans and Free Trial

Sigsync offers a 14-day free trial with 1000 user licenses.

During this time, you can try out all of Sigsync’s features with no credit card or payment information required. When compared to other similar competitors on the market, Sigsync provides one of the most cost-effective and flexible pricing plans.

Subscriptions are available on a monthly or yearly basis. The annual subscription includes an additional month of free service. At any time, you can easily switch from a monthly to a yearly membership. Sigsync offers additional discounts to nonprofit and government organizations. It costs $90 per month for 100 users, with licenses based on the number of users who use the Sigsync service (sending email addresses). As a result, there are no restrictions on how many emails you can send from a given address, making it a very cost-effective email signature service. Both the free and licensed versions include free 24/7 free customer support.

Sigsync features Trial Version Licensed version
All features
Period 14 days Monthly or Yearly
Cost Free 90$ for 100 mailboxes (monthly)
24/7 Free Tech support
Free signature designing service

Review of the different parameters

1. User interface

Sigsync has an easy-to-use interface and a centralized dashboard where you can manage the email signatures and disclaimers for all of your Office 365 tenants. To control email signatures for specific Office 365 tenants, you can designate one of the users as a tenant specific admin or add a global admin. One of the best features of Sigsync is that it comes with more than hundreds of professionally designed email signature templates that you can immediately customize. You can use a variety of signature components that you can drag and drop. Resellers can invite and add customers. Sigsync is an email signature service that includes rules for configuring mail flow conditions based on Senders, Receivers, and Keywords.

2. Simplicity and ease-of-use            

Sigsync is extremely portable because it does not require any software to be installed on your computer or device. It is simple to set up and add signatures to your emails. It has a well-designed interface that allows you to add tenants and administrators to your account and manage them centrally. To access your Sigsync account, you only need your username and password; no additional configuration or setup is required.

3. Customer Support

Sigsync provides excellent customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact Sigsync via live chat, and they will gladly assist you. If you want to learn more about the features, you can even request a free live product demo at your leisure. Sigsync’s skilled design team can also assist you in creating signatures for your team at no additional cost. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the extensive user manual guides, knowledge base, FAQ pages, and video tutorials will almost certainly be of assistance. You can contact customer service at any time, even during the free trial.

4. Free Signature Design

This is the icing on the cake that many other signature solutions lack. If you are finding it difficult or require signatures for a specific purpose, Sigsync offers a free email signature design service based on your requirements. Send an email to Sigsync customer service with your specifications for a free customized signature design from Sigsync’s expert signature design team.

5. Variety of Feature options

Sigsync offers a wide range of features for a variety of use cases, including business, marketing, running targeted campaigns, centrally managing them for your entire organization, and having company-wide signatures. Although there are many more features, we provide an overview of the most important ones. As a result, we strongly advise you to try the service for yourself in order to fully explore all of them.

Sigsync Office 365 features
Centralized signature management
Secure email signature
GDPR compliant
HIPAA compliant
Company wide email signature
Easy configuration
Support for all devices and email clients
No technical Technical skills required to setup signature
Online WYSIWYG Signature Generator
Pre- Defined signature templates
Dark mode signature templates
Animated GIF signature templates
Import  HTML signatures
Preview signatures
Drag and drop signature components to design signatures
Triple mode signatures (Server, Client and Mixed mode)
Add  global or tenant specific admin
Add multiple tenants
Rule based email signature
Insert Embed or Hosted images in signatures
Remove default signatures added by mobile
Email signature for encrypted emails
Automatically retrieve AD fields
Active Directory placeholder support
Signup as Reseller  to manage signature for customers
Free Trial to test all the features

Final Words

To leave a lasting impression on all recipients of your emails, your emails must appear professional and crisp; It’s time to say goodbye to the old email signature format of Regards and Thanks because Sigsync Company wide email signature for Office 365 is the ideal solution for completely customizing your signatures with fonts, sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. It handles everything for you with a flexible signature generator that allows you to easily create and modify signatures to make your email look more professional. With a plethora of features at such a low price, this email signature service deserves 5 stars without a doubt.

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