Simple Methods To Leverage TikTok Advertisement

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world, with over two billion downloads and over one billion monthly active users. So, tell me, what exactly is a TikTok? The short-term videos that app users can make and share are referred to as “snackable videos” as well. Even though TikTok, a video-sharing app popular among young people in Generation Z (aged 22 and under), was established by the Chinese agency ByteDance, companies have been slow to leverage the potential of the relatively new platform.

TikTok is a valuable marketing platform, as seen by the enormous user base it has amassed. Take a closer look at what makes this marketing tool so potent. Set up a TikTok Ads Manager account to begin advertising on the platform. Before you could use the account, you must first create it and then wait for it to be approved. If you already have an ad manager account, you are ready to launch your first TikTok ad campaign. TikTok ads are available in five various ways. Taking them one by one, here they are:

In-feed Ads

Users’ FYP(For You Page) will display this video advertising. You could gain massive reach on buying TikTok likes for your content and even your ad posts. You can target a variety of demographics and objectives with in-feed advertisements, which is why they are so popular. For instance, if you chose the “App Installs” goal, TikTok users who tap the ad would be taken to your app’s section on the Play Store.

Targeting users depending on their interests or particular interaction behavior over the previous week or so is possible. Custom audiences, i.e., people who have already interacted with your brand, or look-alike audiences, are other options.

Brand Takeover

This ad appears when any TikTok user opens the app. A three-second static .jpg or a 4-5 second video clip are supported by the app. Eye-catching pictures are important in all your video content, but they are more important here because they are the first thing the user sees.

To increase traffic to the website, the inclusive cosmetics company Too Faced used captivating 5-second video content with a perfect CTA(call-to-action)to market their Lip Injection Extreme lip gloss. The ad generated 7.6 million impressions by demonstrating the product’s before and after. On the other hand, most experts buy TikTok views to boost traffic to their TikTok posts. It helps them to gain good reach and more ROI than they expected.

TopView Ads

The Brand Takeover has been ramped up with a TopView ad. Just as with a standard popup ad, here you receive up to a minute video space with sound enabled and autoplay. High-quality pictures and compelling storytelling are essential if you want to pull this off.

Branded Hashtags

This is the greatest option if you are looking for UGC(user-generated content). Creating a branded hashtag challenge on TikTok allows you to ask your followers to use a certain hashtag in their videos. There’s a hashtag challenge page where you can find all of these videos.

TikTok’s advice and 3- to 6-day package choices are included in this format. You should expect an 8.5 percent engagement rate based on the number of people who like, comment or share it.

Ads that allow users to add stickers, branded lenses, and augmented reality features to their video content come in at number two in the user-generated section. There is a three-day window in which you may locate these on the branded effects tab’s first page.