Six Things Prospective Tenants Will Look for in a Rental Property in Thousand Oaks

Every landlord wants the best tenants to live in their rental property. But, good tenants are looking for a clean, updated, and well-maintained property that provides the features they need. Part of good Thousand Oaks property management practices is to keep your rental property as attractive to renters as possible. Also, as a property owner, you should be aware of what tenants look for in a rental space. These include the following:

Desirable Neighborhood

Often, renters look for a property that is close to everything important to their everyday lives such as their workplace, grocery store, public transportation, school, restaurants, and other amenities. In general, people prefer to live in a place that suits their lifestyle. In fact, some tenants may overlook a rental property’s negative aspect as long as it is situated in a desirable neighborhood.

Maximum Safety and Security

Possible tenants in Thousand Oaks value the safety of the environment they will be in. They do not want to worry about being robbed, harassed, or deal with a broken car regularly. A great neighborhood has a low crime rate. And possible renters are attracted to a rental property with built-in security systems.

Great Schools

Tenants with their own families will look for a rental property near schools. Because every parent wants a good education for their children, access to school can be a make-or-break criterion for a rental property.

Parking Availability

Without a dedicated parking area, a rental property can be less attractive to tenants than those that provide ample parking. Because most renters have private vehicles to get them to places, it is imperative that your property has parking spaces. This will also prevent unauthorized parking.

Readiness of a Property for Move-in

Generally, a rental property must have all the necessary repairs done and in top shape before it is listed on the market. This includes painting, re-carpeting, and ensuring everything is in top condition. You should make a positive first impression on possible clients to avoid losing prospects. Potential tenants will look for a property that will not give them headaches once they move in. This includes having access to basic appliances.

Upgrades and Renovations

Simple things such as a modern bathroom and kitchen or upgrades to cabinets or basins can make your rental property attractive to prospects. Also, central air conditioning is a huge plus in some locations. By making your property feel like home, you attract possible tenants who may stay there for a long time.

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