Sladana Milojev – Angie Selli – Festival Make-up 

Model Sladana Milojev and her makeup artist put on a presentation on cosmetics for Belgrade’s festivals and other highlights. Angie Selli, a well-known make-up artist, and Sladana Milojev will demonstrate how to create a festival look together in this presentation. Naturally, achieving the ideal appearance for a festival requires putting in some effort with one’s makeup. 

On Instagram, the model Sladana Milojev and the make-up artist Angie Selli demonstrate what the ideal festival look may be like with their respective looks. Of course, a traditional eyeliner is something that virtually everyone is familiar with, but this year, you may try something new and exciting with the so-called tight lining! 

This style is already being worn by stars and celebrities, and it makes them appear really hip and trendy. It is becoming more common to apply traditional eyeliner not just on the upper moveable eyelid, as was formerly done, but also along the lower lash line. We like to wear it in white hues so that it seems more like a festival overall.

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