Slot machine terms every player should know

Gambling is a fantasy for almost everyone. However, the fear of losing money in complex games is stopping most people from playing them. Slot machines came as a fruit for such players as it is easy to win compared to other games. However, you cannot win the game if you do not know the basics of it. One should beware of the following terms while playing slot online.


A spin is an actual event happening in a slot game. It means that you have placed the bet and started the game. During the spin, the reels will rotate with all those symbols. After the spin, a specific combination of the symbols will show up. This combination is the final measure of your success.

Free spin

Every gambling game will require the player to place a specific amount as a bet. The same goes true for slot games also. However, you can avoid paying anything for a game if it is a free spin. It is a rare bonus offered to most slot players. You need not place any coins and can start the spin. If you win anything in this spin, it is all yours. Usually, casinos use free spins as their promotional offers.


The slot games are all about rotating reels. These reels will be arranged horizontally according to the size of the machine. For old slots, there were only three reels. However, modern slots are having five reels. Each reel will have several symbols based on the theme of the slot. You should select the symbols from these reels during every attempt.

Auto spin

As the name suggests, it is an automatic spinning option in slots. Usually, you will place the coins and will spin the reels. In an auto spin game, all you should do is sit and check the final combination. The machine will do everything else. As long as the casino is genuine, the game will be fair. If you are a beginner and you wish to try your luck in slots, you can choose the auto spin option. However, only a few online casinos are offering this kind of option.


You will find a table with multiple numbers in every slot machine. These numbers will give an idea of how much to put in and how much could you win in the particular game. For instance, if the table indicates that the selection of a particular combination can give you a payout of $250, you will get it. So, a paytable is a primary thing to check while playing slots.

Video slots

In this digital era of online slots, the term video slot is not used widely. Because it is nothing but a slot game played without a machine but through a screen.


The huge winning amount offered for the winners in slot games is known as a jackpot. So, you can consider winning the jackpot as your primary goal in such games. Depending on the payout frequency of the machine, you will get a chance to win the jackpot.

Return to player

RTP is the crucial element for every slot player as it describes the maximum amount that the player can take away from the slot game in the long run.

Fixed jackpot

If the slot game has a pre-defined jackpot for the winners that will never change, you can name it a fixed jackpot. You will win the same amount regardless of how many times you play.


RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It is software that makes the outcome of every spin different and random. So, nobody can predict the outcomes.

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