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Social media event marketing strategy

The social media event is a great opportunity to get huge engagement and interaction. Arranging a social media event adds value to the attendees and lets them know about your products and services. If you look for a quicker solution, you can hire a professional SMM service. I use this one (click here) for such events. However, you need to have some individual strategies to make it fruitful. Let’s check them out.

Strategies before the event

Choose the right platform

To make a social media event effective, you need to choose the platform wisely. Make sure if the social media platform contains your target audience. Besides, you need to keep in mind the usual engagement rate of the platform. For instance, LinkedIn may not be a good platform for all kinds of events like Instagram.

Target right audience

Your audience must be highly targeted if you want a proper allocation of time and budget. You should analyze the demographic data thoroughly to discover the right audience. 

Generate a hashtag

Creating a particular hashtag like #southsummit17 for an event is extremely important. Thus, the audience will find out the content regarding the event easily. Besides, you can track the engagement and progress effortlessly.

Be consistent

You need to be strict to maintain consistency before the event. It is obligatory to ensure better brand recognition. If you run the campaign on several platforms, the consistency should be maintained simultaneously. 

Strategies during the event

Go Live

The majority of social media platforms allow you to go Live. Live streaming is a powerful option to have maximum engagement and interaction. During the event, Live streaming may help you reach the audience who are not even present in the event. 

Promote the hashtag

The event-focused hashtag is essential to find out all social media posts regarding the event. So, you need to promote it so that everyone becomes encouraged to use it. You can mention the hashtag frequently in the live stream or put it in a visible place. 

Use social wall

Using a social wall in an event is a good strategy to make the audience encouraged to post more about the event. When you persuade the attendees to post sharing their feedback and experience using the event hashtag, it adds extra spices!

Strategies after the event

Post moment videos

So, the event was memorable and hundreds of moments were caught on tape. You can post those moments on social media to have a serious post-event engagement. 

Share testimonial

If you discover that the attendees are praising your event, you can share those as testimonials. It creates a positive vibe for your brand and encourages other people to attend the next event.

Make them shareable

Since you are posting those moments and testimonials on your social profile, you should make the sharing process effortless for others. Post content that is engaging and entertaining so that people become enthusiastic to share them. Besides, keep those contents public so that they can share them with others.

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